Art for kids in Doha

Arty fun to entertain your children this Summer

Art for kids in Doha
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Schools been out for over a month, and from across Doha cries of ‘we’re bored’ can be heard, reverberating off the sand. For many parents between school and holidays, this can be a long, hot time of year.

But when macaroni art and glitter start to wear a bit thing, enter Angela Walton.‘I have been doing painting/art classes from about 10 years,’ she says. She’s offering a series of art activities for children during the summer holidays.

In addition to being crafty herself, she’s also been heavily involved in the theatre community in Qatar, including directing the recent production of Wizard Of Oz, which included a cast of children singing and dancing.
Her classes are offered from August 7 to August 20 in both morning and afternoon sessions, for kids aged seven and up.

‘We will be doing silk painting,  paper mache,  photo collages, felt work, mobile making [and more],’ she says. And it’s not just for the kids, either. ‘The silk painting classes are really fun  as I have a lot of mothers who come and paint with their children.  This is one form of art where you can get to do something with your children.’

But kids get more out of the classes than a piece of art on the fridge. ‘They get to meet other kids from other schools, realize they can do art and have fun,’ says Walton. ‘Art can be expressed is many different forms, I see this when I direct the big  musicals in Doha. But with the art crafts I am offering every child can do them and they are very proud of the finished item.’

That’s actually why she does the classes.  ‘Having fun with the children and seeing them gain confidence [is my favourite part],’ says Walton. ‘Every child is different and when they say ‘I can’t do this’ and telling them they can and making them believe that they can.’
Classes run from August 7 to August 30 for kids aged seven and up. They are held daily from 10am-11.30am and from 2pm-3.30pm. The cost of each session is QR120, including all art materials. For more information call 5537 7684.

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