Mum’s kitchen helpers

Check out our favourite gourmet gizmos for stress-free suppers this month

Mum’s kitchen helpers
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The Wean Machine
A mini masher that literally purees food as you feed bubba, is already one of the top selling baby products this year. We like the fact that it’s fool-proof (even sleep-deprived mums will be able to operate it without losing a finger), it’s easy to clean and you can even pop it in your handbag if you and bubs are ladies-and-babies that lunch.
QR30, available at various baby stores.

Philips combined blender and steamer
Okay, you’ve probably got a blender, and a steamer, but this neat little all-in-one gadget saves you having to clean two annoyingly large kitchen appliances once lunch with the little one is over. Simply add your chopped veg/fish/meat and steam it all, then flip the container over and blend it to perfection. Gourmet baby grub’s up in less than 15 minutes. And the washing up pile stays small. Brilliant!
QR570, available at all major appliance stores.

Good eggs
Poached eggs can be a messy affair, sticking to saucepans, tasting of vinegar, and then your todder turns up his nose because the end result looks more like a snotty jellyfish than his lunch. That’s why we love these super-easy-to-use silicone egg poachers from Lakeland. Just heat the pan, crack in the eggs and add pepper or even a sprinkling of cheese to garnish.
QR39, Lakeland, City Centre Doha (4483 9990).

Winter warmers
Ensuring the right temperature for both the bottle and the lunchtime snack is often the difference between a well-fed, sleepy baby and an enfant ’orrible. Get the degrees right in four minutes with the handy food and bottle warmer by Philips Avent. We reckon it could be a life saver for those pesky night feeds too.
QR248, available at all major appliance stores.

Cutlery combo
It’s a simple idea – but the best ones usually are. Why not keep a set to hand in your bag at all times, so that if you find you and bub are eating on the go, you won’t have to deal with your tot wielding huge pieces of metal cutlery instead. Make sure you remember to clean them between uses though!
Available at all major baby stores soon!

Get creative
Sometimes, a little imagination with the presentation can make the difference between a full plate and an empty one. Thankfully, you don’t need to have the skills of an Asian sous chef to rustle up tempting veggies for your fussy little food philistines. With a turn of the wrist, the Spirelli can transform a number of healthy root vegetables so that they no longer resemble one of those boring old five-a-day.
QR149, Lakeland, City Centre Doha (4483 9990).

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