Expat mums in Doha

We caught up with the expat family group to find out about life in Doha

Expat mums in Doha

As any Doha-based mother will attest, caring for your child while in a foreign country can be difficult. Whether it’s finding a paediatrician or even the right brand of baby formula, there’s no better goldmine of information than another mum.

This is one of the reasons that prompted local mum Roxanne Davis to form the Doha Expats Mums And Kids Group, a social group offering friendship, support and advice via playgroups, coffee mornings, monthly dinners and a website forum.

‘When I moved to Doha there were a lot of playgroups, but nothing to get the mums together,’ says Roxanne, who has a 19-month-old daughter Lucia and a three-year-old son Patrick. ‘So, I started to hold playgroups at my house. I had a Halloween party and then, at the end of November last year, I launched the website. Today we have over 170 members from 46 different countries – [including] from the US, Argentina and Zimbabwe.’

Roxanne used to organise a playgroup for up to 600 mums in her home town of Houston, so she’s no stranger to organising big functions like the group’s monthly mums’ night out, social outings and even trips overseas. The regular playgroups are also social events.

‘We have a lot of playgroups that are age based and unique to Doha because they are unstructured. Usually at playgroups, the mum has to hover around the kids and they do things in a very structured way for example, games at this time, painting at that time. This group is unstructured, and while the kids play, the mums socialise.’
For more information, visit www.dohaexpatmumsandkids.com.

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