Check out these 17 educational apps for kids in Qatar

Devices can be used for learning, too

Check out these 17 educational apps for kids in Qatar

Kids on iPads and tablets doesn't have to be negative, there are plenty of great educational apps available for kids in Qatar to download.

You just need to know which ones.

Here are 17 of our favourite to get you started.

Chatter Pix Kids and Chatter Pix

Kids can take a picture of anything, draw a line on it to give it a tiny mouth and then record messages that the photo will repeat in a silly voice. Teachers like to use this in the classroom in many ways one of which is to use a picture of a famous historical figure and get children to record biographies for them. There is a version for kids four and over and one for kids 12 and over.
Free. Four and above (Chatter Pix Kids), twelve and above (Chatter Pix).


This app provides a free communication platform for teachers, students and parents. At school teachers also use it as a way of rewarding children for good work and behaviour, something that parents can emulate at home, too.
Free. Ages four and above.


The gamified learning system of this app helps kids to learn a variety of languages including English, Spanish, French and German, by using games that help to develop reading, writing, speaking, listening (we can, but hope) and conversation skills.
Free. Ages four and above.


Kids love Kahoot, they can create quizzes and surveys using their own multiple-choice questions to play back with their friends and parents. A whole load of fun and gives mums and dads a real insight into the thought processes of their precious kiddos.
Free. Ages five to 18.

KenKen Classic

Not heard of KenKen? It’s basically like Suduko, but with numbers instead of letters. Kids can challenge themselves with the maths puzzles.
Free. Ages four and above.


Kids can have loads of fun pulling together pretty, informative presentations using easy-to-use tools and cool effects. Set them a task to present a particular topic… Could be anything from ‘Where I come from,’ to ‘What makes me happy’.
Free. Ages four and above.

Letter School

Perfect for the youngest family members in FS1 and FS2, this app gets them to trace letters of the alphabet and words using their finger.
Free. Ages four and above.

Maths Shed

This is a fun way for little ones to get their heads around the basics of maths such as simple addition and subtraction using number bonds.
One off payment. Ages four and above.


Little ones build a rocket and fly it into space on a mission to solve maths problems using a variety of objects including numbers, shapes and coins.
One off payment. Ages four and above.

MentalUP Educational Games

Tailor the games to the age of your child and let them solve various problems and challenges using different ways of thinking.
Free. Ages four to 13.

Monkey Preschool Lunchbox

Ideal for toddlers and pre-schoolers this is a fun game with cute monkey who has to solve puzzles using colour recognition, counting and memory.
One off payment. Ages two to five.


While the age range starts from four, this is really an educational app for older kids from around nine. It lets children create graphic organisers with images and text in order to help them map out their thoughts and thinking.
One off payment. Ages four and above.

Reading Eggs

This bright and colourful app helps tiny tots learn to read and older kids hone their skills using interactive reading games, guided reading lessons, fun activities and over 2,000 digital story books – that’ll keep them busy.
Free. Ages two to 13.

Redstone Crossword

There’s nothing more fun and challenging than a crossword puzzle. Kids may moan, but there are plenty of cool features on this to keep them engaged. It may say suitable from four years, but unless you have a baby genius on your hands, it’s more realistically going to be most suitable for kids six and over.
Free. Ages four and above.

Spelling Shed

Like its maths sibling, Spelling Shed uses fun, colourful ways to help children with their learning. And because it has been designed by a team of teachers, you know they are in good hands.
One off payment. Ages four and above.

Tayasui Sketches School

Wannabe Monets can channel their love of art and creativity into making beautiful masterpieces using a selection of super cool drawing tools. Best of all mums and dads, it stays on the tablet so you don’t have to find room to display the resulting works of art anywhere in the house.
Free. Ages four and above.

Teach your Monster to Read

This one pretty much does what it says on the tin… or should that be screen? The app covers the first two years of reading in a fun and simplistic manner from matching letters and sounds to enjoying books.
One off payment. Ages three and above.

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