Why you need to get excited about the new Aston Martin Valhalla

The British firm's latest is attracting glances from James Bond

Why you need to get excited about the new Aston Martin Valhalla
Why you need to get excited about the new Aston Martin Valhalla Image #2

How fast exactly does an Formula 1 car go? Give or take, an average of 350km/h, which comes along with more than five g-force when braking (that’s more than a space shuttle launch). So, when Aston Martin decides to make engineer a road legal car with genuine state of the art F1 technology, you know our need for speed is quenched. The British car manufacturer’s ‘Son of Valkyrie’ sits just below its track-focused sports father car, but that’s not what piques our interest. Not only has it already made its debut at an Aston Martin showroom in the Midddle East, but James Bond has also taken a liking to it – so much so that he’s testing its limits in 007’s 25th outing, No Time To Die.

So, a Bond car is driving around now? 
Hardly driving, and even if it was, it wouldn’t be Daniel Craig burning rubber. Regardless of its Bond fame, the third hypercar from Aston’s mid-engine range is a performance-bred predator built for the next generation, with aircraft morphing technology named FlexFoil for its rear wing – a NASA-approved tech that bends carbon fiber. Basically, it generates no drag, turbulence or wind noise upon take off. Apart from that, Aston is tight-lipped on how fast it goes.

When can we see it breaking sound barriers?
Not until 2021, and Aston is only building 500 Valhallas, with each starting at $1.1 million. In even sadder news, there are only expected to be 100 of them that haven’t been sold.

Final words?
Anyone have a spare a few million? We want to be driving this Bond car next year.

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