Nicolas Cage milks an alpaca in this bonkers psychedelic horror

Pixar mislays a little of its magic in this enjoyable but uninspired fantasy adventure

Another retelling of the Ned Kelly story

Harrison Ford brings his gruff charisma to this man-and-CG-dog adventure

Elisabeth Moss battles toxic masculinity in a reimagining of HG Wells‘s sci-fi yarn

A brilliant period piece from a controversial director

A new take on the Jane Austen classic

Another disappointing video-game-to-movie translation

A film about a couple tested to the limit

After surviving a police stop that goes disastrously wrong, a couple hits the road

Taika Waititi's audacious WWII comedy charts a tricky way into a tough subject

This real-life death-row drama has a great cast who all on top form

Rural rhapsody gives way to nightmare in Terrence Malick’s best film in years

Adam Sandler has never been better than in this intense high-stakes triumph

More throwaway thrills from the buddy-cop franchise that refuses to hand in its badge

A brilliant psychological drama

Sam Mendes’ best film of his career

A cartoonish dramatisation of life at Fox News

Greta Gerwig's effervescent spin on sisterhood finds freshness between the pages


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