Summer scorchers

Tim Skinner on what to eat while you’re binge-watching your latest Netflix obsession

Summer scorchers
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Altered Carbon (Season 1)

Now, if you love a good old-fashioned crime mystery about dystopian futures, skin-swapping criminals, immortality-inducing consciousness back-ups, underground fighting rings and artificial intelligence-based hotels (and who doesn’t?), then Altered Carbon is for you. This absolute blockbuster of a show took two years to shoot and produce, owing in no small part to the mind-blowing CGI that’s created a universe set more than 300 years in the future. It’s a bit grim in places, but it’s a compelling watch. Just the one season is available for the time being, with the debut series having only landed back in March.

Takeaway pairing: Considering the show’s brilliant fusion of cultures, races, names and faces, try some Mediterranean-Middle Eastern fusion food from Café Bateel. We’re a fan of the Mediterranean tuna salad.

QR55. Various locations including Doha Festival City and Burj Doha (4441 7214).

Archer (Season 8)
Stupid secret agents working for the world’s most ridiculous spy agency. Titular character Sterling Archer is the world’s least subtle, yet most effortlessly talented spy, who bumbles from one disaster to another. From cyborgs to Cuban hit squads, via civil wars, humanity-threatening battles on international space stations and adventures in 1940s Los Angeles, nothing is off the table with this utterly ridiculous and thoroughly entertaining adult cartoon. All eight seasons to date are available on Netflix, with the ninth

season having recently begun broadcasting in the U.S.

Takeaway pairing: One of the lead characters, Pam, is frequently seen chowing down on Middle Eastern street food, so we recommend getting your teeth into the chicken shawarma platter from Chtoura Restaurant. Its kofta wrap comes with hummus, fries or rice, grilled tomato, flatbread and garlic paste. The arayes and iskandar shawarmas are good, too.
QR28. Al Sadd (4436 9777).

Brooklyn Nine-Nine (Season 4)

One of the funniest, silliest shows to have come out of the U.S. in years, Brooklyn Nine-Nine is as harmless as it is fun. Starring and produced by Andy Samberg, of Saturday Night Live fame, and co-starring Terry Crews, the show focuses on the 99th precinct of the NYPD and the ins and outs of its daily case-cracking activities. It centres around Jake Peralta, a talented cop who’s gone through his career with nothing to prove and a care-free, childlike attitude. That all changes when a new captain takes charge. Catch seasons one to four on Netflix now.

Takeaway pairing: Lead character Jake Peralta loves a good pizza, as you’d expect from a New Yorker, so check out 800 Pizza’s classic Italian-style Margherita.

From QR25. Doha Festival City (4434 1818).

Chef’s Table: Pastry (Season 1)

Desserts become the main course in this helping of the wildly popular cooking show. Four renowned pastry chefs show off their culinary creations, share their experience and give their top tips for making some awesome pastry treats.

Takeaway pairing: This calls for a sweet treat, right? Do yourself a favour and check out Tea Time, who have an amazing selection of desserts like chocolate souffle and Lotus pudding. All very reasonably priced, too.
From QR6. Various locations including Bin Omran, Dafna and Old Airport Area (4466 9765).

Designated Survivor (Season 2)

In a post-24 era, when Agent Jack Bauer is a distant memory, Kiefer Sutherland reinvents himself as the most powerful man in the world – the President of the United States. A lowly secretary in the U.S. government, Tom Kirkman finds himself thrust into the hot seat following an attack on the country’s capital. The show highlights the endless stream of near-disasters that challenge the rebuilding effort of a country’s government – with a heart-racing conspiracy storyline that bubbles away in the background. Now in its second and third season, each episode is a 42-minute explosion of action and subterfuge.

Takeaway pairing: Want to seem like a man/woman of the people, à la President Kirkman? Go for the chilli burger from Delish, which is a beef burger, topped with fried onions, crisps and a wonderfully spicy sauce. The potato bun is spicy, too, and just fantastic.
QR39. Al Gharaffa (4444 8994).

iZombie (Season 4)
Who would have thought that becoming a zombie would turn the now undead medical student Liv Moore (ironically named) into a brilliant detective? While posing as a medical examiner at a coroner’s office, her need to feed gives her a useful gift for solving murders.

Takeaway pairing: Given that she’s winging it, get your hands on some of the city’s top chicken wings from Lord of the Wings. See what we did there?

From QR39. Medina Centrale, The Pearl-Qatar (4477 4161).

Jessica Jones (Season 2)
Our favourite snarky private eye has come back for her second season, and this time she’s dealing with a whole bunch of issues from her past. Namely, the evil organisation that gave Jessica (Krysten Ritter) her powers as a child, so expect crime-busting, mystery unravelling and, of course, gratuitous demonstrations of her super strength. We’re excited to see her struggles with the ramifications of the season one finale, and if her superhero-wannabe foster sister Trish (Rachael Taylor) will get in on the action. If

her restlessness from season one is anything to go by, probably.

Takeaway pairing: One of the famous scenes from The Defenders (in which Jessica Jones appears) sees the four main (anti-)heroes tucking in at a Chinese restaurant. We recommend you go for the kung pao duck noodles or the Japanese beef brisket noodles at The Noodle House. This will turn out be a very satisfying night in.

QR55. Various locations including The Pearl-Qatar and Landmark Mall (4477 4350).

Lost in Space (Season 1)

A brand-new addition to the Netflix family, this is a remake of the classic 1960s series. An extinction event on Earth in the not-too-distant future forces humanity to seek life anew in the vast expanse of space, and The Robinsons, a family led by aerospace engineer Maureen, are among the families leaving the planet to form a new colony. Their transport crash-lands on an alien planet, and the family has to fight to survive, seemingly against all odds. The ten-episode first season arrived in April, and is one of the biggest shows (exclusively produced for Netflix) launched by the streaming provider this year.

Takeaway pairing: Slightly tenuous link here, but with a fight for survival comes a reliance on earthy, natural foods (well, that’s our story and we’re sticking to it). Evergreen Organics does a good vegan burger. The Boss Burger is a quinoa and vegetable patty. It comes with chilli mayo, kohlrabi and carrot coleslaw and smoked mushroom and is served in a whole grain bun.
QR80. Qanat Quartier, The Pearl-Qatar (4472 0437).

Orange is the New Black (Season 5)
This prison drama follows a well-to-do American woman, Piper Chapman, who also just happens to be a convicted criminal. The series follows her time in women’s prison and the hilarious, harrowing and often moving experiences that the inmates share. The series is based on the real-life experience of Piper Kerman, an American author who spent a year in prison herself. Expect to laugh out loud, shake with anger and weep uncontrollably. And if there’s anything to get you in the mood for takeaway it’s prison slop…

Takeaway pairing: Few things are more definitive of American food culture than Five Guys, the outrageously tasty burger joint. Get a good old-fashioned cheeseburger and don’t forget the French fries cooked in peanut oil. Snag a hot dog too, if you are not completely convinced with the magnificent burger.
From QR26. Doha Festival City (4493 1228).

The 100 (Season 3)

An entry into the post-apocalyptic sci-fi drama category, 100 teenage criminals from a human space colony are sent back down to an Earth ravaged by nuclear war to determine whether it is once again habitable. Expect rival colonies, internal tensions, and politics, and some pretty gruesome discoveries. Now in its much-anticipated fifth season in the US, the third season has just arrived on Netflix, and promises more high-tension thrills and spills between The Sky People and the Grounders.

Takeaway Pairing: Make the most of fresh meats and veggies while the Earth is still habitable. The cool Café Bulbul offers loads of New York street food-inspired dishes with a touch of Lebanese such as kibbeh sliders, beef shawarma tacos and a load of flavours of mishtah like halloumi with pesto. Spot on.
From QR16. Tornado Tower, West Bay (4477 4465).

The Boss Baby: Back in Business (Season 1)

Carrying on from the 2017 movie, this cuteness overload of an animated series focuses on the exploits of the eponymous character and his older brother Tim at Baby Corp. It’s fun, it’s light-hearted and it’s just innocent entertainment.

Takeaway pairing: Nothing says “let’s get down to business” more than coffee and pastries, right? So why not check out Fy Cafe, which can be found at the collection of restaurants in Barwa Towers at Al Sadd. What makes it suitable for a boss baby? The signature lattes come with cute cats drawn into the foam.
From QR24. Barwa Towers, Al Sadd (4444 4656).

The Letdown (Season 1)

This Australian comedy series has been widely praised as being the most realistic depiction of motherhood on TV and, as a result, one of the most relatable shows around. It focuses on Audrey, a mother of a two-month-old who joins a quirky new-parents’ support group. Her friends and family don't make it easy, either, with a career-obsessed husband, a self-involved mother and a free-spirited best friend who very happily throw spanners in the works every five minutes.

Takeaway pairing: In need of a quick, energy-building meal? Few things are more convenient, and filling, than a big old bowl of pasta, so get the rigatoni giardiniera from casual joint Carluccio’s, with fresh courgette and garlic spinach balls (those greens will give your iron levels a boost) served with parmesan and garlic.
QR65. Various locations including 18 La Croisette, Porto Arabia, The Pearl-Qatar (4462 1616).

The Rain (Season 1)

Being heralded as a brilliant new take on post-apocalyptic thrillers, this Scandinavian survival story focuses on two siblings who emerge from a safety bunker six years after a rain-carried virus wipes out the majority of civilisation in the region. With society as they know it gone forever, the show puts a welcome spin on the coming-of-age drama genre.

Takeaway pairing: This show is pretty much entirely subtitled (it is Danish after all), so get your reading glasses on and pick a food that you won’t have to look at while you’re gazing intently on the screen. Grab a fully customisable burrito from Viva Mexico for something that's easy to chomp on – and the bigger the better as far as we’re concerned.
From QR47. Qanat Quartier, The Pearl-Qatar (4444 9920).

Troy: Fall of a City (Season 1)

This series is set during the Trojan War and depicts the love story between Paris and Helen of Troy. Get into a properly cheesy retelling of classic Greek literature and mythology. Sure, the reviews aren’t great, but you can always hate-watch the thing.

Takeaway pairing: Troy was actually in what is now Turkey, rather than Greece, so order from Turkey Central. Go for a mixed appetiser platter and a plate of mixed grills. Success.
From QR30. Various locations including Al Nasr (4444 1454).

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