10 impossible Mission Impossible moments

10 most impossible things to have happened in the Mission Impossible films

10 impossible Mission Impossible moments

Ethan Hunt, with help, tries to stop the Syndicate in Rogue Nation

Exploding gum
Mission: Impossible

Since its debut in the first Mission: Impossible, we’ve been waiting for the exploding chewing gum to make its return.Mixing two colours of this gum together to create a deadly explosion seems ridiculous, but it’s got Ethan Hunt out of a couple of stickysituations. The first time we saw the gum in action was during a meeting with his superior, Kittridge, after it turned sour. Hunt mashes the gum together, throws it at an aquarium and after the explosion leaves unscathed.

Using the gum to good use

Pentagon theft
Mission: Impossible

One of the most iconic Mission: Impossible scenes ever. Hunt has to steal a computer file containing the identities of deep cover agents. The only snag is the fact that it’s kept in an inaccessible vault, filled with lasers, pressure sensors and all other high-tech security measures that spring to mind. The plan was simple, get rid of the guard, beat the lasers, zip wire down into the vault – without touching anything – and steal the file, all without getting too hot or making any noise. It was going well until Hunt’s sidekick, Krieger, lost his grip on the wire and sent Hunt hurtling towards the ground, destined to set off the alarms. However, Krieger grabs the wire just in time, leaving Ethan millimetres from the ground. It all works out in the end, however.

Thieving from the Pentagon

Channel Tunnel chopper
Mission: Impossible

This is Hollywood at its best – good guy versus bad-guys, train versus chopper. Fisticuffs in the train luggage hold led both Hunt and bad guy Phelps onto the roof, but before Phelps and other villain Kriegerhad chance to escape, Hunt botched their plan and tied the chopper down. The chase ended up inside the Channel Tunnel, and after a lot of sparks and dramatic music we see the return of the explosive chewy and the utterance of the iconic line,‘red light, green light.’

Red light, green light

Injecting the chimera virus
Mission: Impossible 2

Let’s address the elephant in the room, Mission: Impossible II wasn’t the best of films (it was diabolical), but it did have one particular moment to make it onto the list. Long-story-short, there’s this one evil mastermindwho has the only known antidote to a virus the he had created. Ethan’s task is to destroy everything, but as you may have guessed, it doesn’t go as planned. After a huge gunfight, explosions and shattered glass, it all comes down to one vial of the virus, until the film’s heroine,Nyah, injects herself with the deadly disease. All there was to do then was to find the right antidote and ride off into the sunset, happily ever after.

Claiming the chimera

Vatican entry
Mission Impossible 3

Ethan Hunt doesn’t do things by halves. Targeting the world’s most impenetrable strongholds seems to be one of his specialities. However, in comparison to some of his other endeavours, entering the Vatican seemed to be a piece of cake. All it took was a broken down DHL delivery van, a grapple hook and priest’s outfit. As the lorry blocked the traffic, Tom Cruise’s character climbed the Vatican’s 60 foot outer wall – with the aid of his fancy grapple hook thing – dodged CCTV and elegantly descended down the other side. Once there, and dressed like a priest, he strolled into The Vatican completely undetected.Bravo!

Getting into the Vatican

Stealing the Rabbit’s Foot
Mission Impossible 3

From the get go we never get told what the Rabbit’s Foot was. It wasn’tjust us – Ethan and his crew didn’t have a clue either.Regardless of that, they flew to Shanghai to steal it. After swinging between two buildings – it was very Tarzan slash Spiderman reminiscent – Hunt burst out of a window with Rabbit’s Foot in hand. This was obviously followed by a dramatic car chase and a suspense-filled meeting between goodie and baddie, where people are pointing guns and hurling threats – did we mention that his wife’s life is on the line and she’ll be killed if he doesn’t succeed? (He does, though. Obviously). There’s a famous ‘unmasking’ thrown in for good measure, and to celebrate the happy couple go on honeymoon. How romantic.

Preparing to steal the Rabbit’s Foot

Prison bust
Mission Impossible – Ghost Protocol

Prison busts. Whether they’re carried out with a computer like in Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol or a more traditional blow a hole in the wall kind of escape, a scene that involves breaking someone out of prison always promises to be exciting. We can only presume that being held in a Russian cell wasn’t Ethan’s style, and, before long, his crack team of agents were there to break him out with all the computer mumbo-jumbo they’d need. After releasing the inmates from their cells and instigating a riot, Hunt slipsinto the sewer and out into freedom. It all went quite well, aside from the massive prison brawl.

Escaping prison

Getting into the Kremlin
Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol

Just another day at the office, breaking into the Kremlin to retrieve a file holding the identity of an unknown ‘bad-guy.’ Ethan and his palBenjiimpersonate an army general and his assistant, bypassing security with little fuss.They only face one issue during their assignment, reaching the vault at the end of a guarded corridor.They successfully hurdle this challenge and arrive at the vault unnoticed, only to find that the information they need has gone. After that it all goes belly up. The screen malfunctions, the Kremlin gets blown up, the blame gets put on Hunt and he spends the night in a Russian hospital.

In the Kremlin

Climbing the BurjKhalifa
Mission Impossible Ghost Protocol

Let’s set the scene. Ethan and his team have realised that there isn’t enough time for plan A –surprise, surprise – and he’s left climbing up the outside of the world’s tallest building, Dubai’s BurjKhalifa, to plant a bug in the security server. Using only some state of the art adhesion gloves and his razor sharp wit, he gets halfway through his 11 storey climb before one of his gloves fails. That’s not the end though, as he manages to regain his grip and finish the job at hand. With the bug in place and now without any gloves, it’s time for his heroic descent. Using some strategically placed rope, he dives out of the window and abseils down the building, only to realise that the rope isn’t long enough. With only one option remaining, he builds some momentum and jumps towards the window, hitting his head and nearly falling, only to be saved by his fellow agent, Brandt. Needless to say, edge of the seat, heart in mouth sort of stuff.

On the BurjKhalifa

Face masks
All of the Mission: Impossible films

These super realistic masks (definitely not special effects) that pop up in every Mission: Impossible film are now a trademark of the movies. It doesn’t matter how many times we see it, they always catch us out. Whether they’re being used to bypass security, or by a villain to torture us into thinking he’s killed a major character, we have the same ‘jaw to the floor’ face every time. The best two uses of the face mask? – Ethan Hunt impersonating villain Jim Phelps on the train in Mission: Impossible, and when Ethan Hunt impersonates villain Owen Davian in Mission: Impossible 3.

Hunt about to impersonate Davian

Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation will be out at cinemas across Qatar from August 6.

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