A new trailer for Frozen 2 has been released

Latest video shows Anna and Elsa in an enchanted forest

A new trailer for Frozen 2 has been released

Only one more month until Disney movie Frozen 2 hits the big screen across Qatar and we just can't wait.

To give us another little teaser (the first was released back in February this year) into what we can expect from the sequel to the animated blockbuster about the love and bond between two princess sisters, Disney has released a second trailer that sees Queen Elsa and her sister, Princess Anna, journeying into an enchanted forest.

The plot focuses on Queen Elsa's mission to discover why she was born with magic powers. As she embarks on an adventure into the unknown to find the answers, but those answers are also threatening her kingdom.

Reprising their roles as the royal siblings from Arendelle are Kristen Stewart as Anna and Idina Menzel as her older sister, Elsa, who has icy magical powers.

Back to join in the adventure are Jonathan Groff as the kind-hearted, reindeer-loving Kristoff and Josh Gad as quirky, loveable snowman, Olaf.

See the trailer here

Let the countdown begin! And in the meantime, check out these other family-friendly films.
In cinemas across Qatar from Thu Oct 21

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