Apple TV+ is coming to Doha and here’s what it will cost

The new streaming service to launch in November in Qatar

Apple TV+ is coming to Doha and here’s what it will cost

You can’t move for new streaming services these days as companies try to knock Netflix off the top spot.

Apple TV+ and Disney+ are set to launch in the coming months to offer more content to viewers.

Launching on November 1 in Qatar, Apple TV+ will be the latest streaming service to enter the market in Doha.

The service will cost QR17.99 per month to subscribe but will be free for a full year with purchases of new Apple products.

A large number of TV series’, films and programmes will be added to the platform from launch day and will focus on original content instead of offering a large catalogue like Amazon Prime or Netflix.

Highlights induce TV shows The Morning Show starring Steve Carell, See starring Jason Momoa, and Oprah Winfrey who will interview the world’s leading authors.

Content coming to the service later including the film Servant by M Night Shyamalan, The Banker staring Samuel L Jackson and more titles that are yet to be announced.

Will you be signing up?

We’re certainly intrigued.

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