Between the lines

This exhibition by a Qatari artist tells stories through his artwork made of lines

Between the lines

We’ve seen artwork with geometric shapes, splashes and even dots. Art29’s latest exhibition by talented Qatari artist Yasser Al Mulla takes art to another dimension purely with lines. This new gallery comprises 35 of Al Mulla’s drawings that use discursive, achromatic lines to raise questions.

The exhibition entitled Lines Telling a Story takes us on a moving journey through the artist’s eyes. Al Mulla, who has a mixed-colour optic condition, is known for his black and white line technique. He believes this technique is limitless and he can attract people to the ideas inside his brain through endless lines.

Al Mulla sets up a vacant white space and then draws thin and thick black lines against it. Each drawing illustrates a story and when put all together, the collection depicts his life journey that comes together through winding streaks
and geometric shapes.

What’s additionally intriguing is the close look we get into his knowledge, experience and culture through his artworks.

We have to admit that after a few glances, we can’t help but want to grab a pen and try our hand at drawing a few meandering lines and see where they take us. But then, we also remember that we have no artistic talents whatsoever.

An engineer by trade, Al Mulla studied at Qatar University and pursued law at Cairo University. He did not begin drawing until 2015. Al Mulla doesn’t have an exact plan in mind before he draws, but rather a preliminary abstraction of what to include. He found his true calling and felt encouraged to tell his stories through drawings.

The exhibition is intriguing, inspiring and laden with the artist’s passion to say the very least. An absolute must-see.
Free entry. Until June 18, 10am-10pm. Art29, W Doha Hotel & Residences, West Bay (4453 5000).

A series of drawings constructed with lines

To piece lines from 35 artworks to explore a full-fledged story

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