A new exhibition on women

A local artist creates striking portraits of females from five different nationalities

A new exhibition on women

Jacinthe Lamontagne-Lecomte has just unveiled her latest exhibition at The Corridor in Grand Hyatt Doha and we are in awe of this tribute that celebrates women. The exhibition entitled HER SHE US ♀ is a collection of faces of women from five different nationalities.

As a regular guest of Grand Hyatt Doha’s signature Thai restaurant Isaan, Lamontagne-Lecomte always wondered who the girls behind the smiles were while dining there. “I always wonder what stories they have to tell and what struggles they have seen,” she says. She spoke to a few of them and took their individual photographs. “It was important to find poses that corresponded as much as possible to their personality in order to respect the truth of who they really were. They are all incredibly humble, interesting and powerful women in their own right,”
she explains.

Lamontagne-Lecomte uses photo transfer with mixed media on canvas to create the masterpieces in this collection. This type of artwork begins as a photograph from which the artist adds a variety of materials to create interesting textures and colours and in some cases, completely transforms the original subject. “The materials I use in my art vary. I’ll use really anything from paint, newspaper, ink and gesso to silk wax, foil paper, oil and even coffee,” she says. For this particular exhibition, she also adds some elements such as light and sound which really bring the pieces to life.

Last year, she had a similar exhibition Earth Tones where one of the subjects of her artwork was a staff member of Isaan, Supansa. Supansa ultimately became her muse. She used photo transfer to create a striking and contemplative portrait of her.

Part of the Hyatt Thrive project, The Corridor is an initiative launched by Grand Hyatt Doha Hotel & Villas in 2015, to offer a unique, public, gallery space for locally based artists who wish to exhibit their work to Qatar residents as well as international visitors.
Free. Until April 11, 24 hours. The Corridor, Grand Hyatt Doha, West Bay Lagoon (4448 1234).

A creative collection of artworks featuring women from different nationalities

The portraits are striking and the photo transfer techniques are intriguing

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