World-renowned street artist to graffiti Doha homes

You can book Portugal’s Nomen to spray paint your space

World-renowned street artist to graffiti Doha homes
World-renowned street artist to graffiti Doha homes Image #2
World-renowned street artist to graffiti Doha homes Image #3

Have you ever wanted to get a hyper-realistic painting across the entire wall of your home or a funky art piece at your office entrance?

Well, now’s the perfect opportunity to create new images in your space, add more colour and reimagine any area around you.

International graffiti artist and also one of the pioneers of graffiti art Nomen is in Doha until Wednesday February 6, and he’s open for bookings.

Hailing from Portugal, Nomen or Nuno Reis, famous for his realistic photo portraits and letter style, is in the country for the first time creating magic in several local spaces.

He has mastered the balance between shapes and colours and creates typographic constructions with a very unique style.

He also specialises in photo-realistic portraits where he creates massive murals that look unbelievably realistic.

Nomen’s work has been displayed at numerous exhibitions, events and artistic productions in Portugal and around the world.

He started off with a simple spray can in 1994 and drew his first face.

Post that, he experimented with colours and patterns to create incredibly beautiful images, especially of women’s faces.

Nomen’s work is suitable for different spaces from your living room to your office lobby. He creates urban art for work spaces and graffiti that represents the theme of the business or ideals of the company.

He can also personalise your living space with graffiti intervention on entire walls, bedrooms and anywhere else that’s deemed fit.

Those interested can also book him for workshops, team building activities or just to produce live art pieces.

We’re already a planning a giant Bengal cat on our living room wall.
Until Feb 6. For more information: For bookings:

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