Charities in Doha

Give back to the community at these top charities

Charities in Doha

Doha Beach Clean Project
Stop throwing your garbage on the beach! Seriously. Essentially clean up behind you. The Doha Beach Clean Project aims to raise awareness about litter on beaches in Qatar. Every month, they visit different beaches with volunteers including Fuwairit, Simaisma and Al Wakrah, and set out to grab your garbage and dispose of it safely.

Why you should volunteer: Because you’ve been to the beach far too many times and by now, you must truly appreciate Qatar’s stunning coastline. Which is why you should take it upon yourself to free the warm sands of trash, even if it’s not your own. Let your fellow residents enjoy the place as much as you did.

Wa’hab is a brand new start-up that provides a network connecting perfectly good surplus food, mostly from hotels and food industries, that’s meant to be thrown away, with those who really need it. We’re not saying that people are starving here, but there are scores of underprivileged people who could use a good meal, or two. Wa’hab uses technology and social media as their power tools to promote the highest use of excess food to reduce hunger and wastage in the city.

Why you should volunteer: You’ve spent way too many weekends going all out at the all-you-can-eat brunches across the city. You’re guilty of leaving food on your plate (you’d be lying if you claim you haven’t) and it might do you good to finally think of ways to salvage all the leftover food that’s going to be thrown away.

HOPE Qatar
This non-profit organisation provides help and opportunities to children with moderate special needs. They primarily offer educational training to the children along with counselling sessions for parents on how they can help their children and cooperate with them. HOPE Qatar aims to create opportunities for those children and make them school-ready. You can volunteer with Friends of HOPE, a sister forum that streamlines all volunteering activities for HOPE, and partake in all their initiatives. It’s fairly simple – an online form needs to be filled, with the conditions of being committed to the work, being 15 and above, and paying QR100 registration fees along with other requirements.

Why you should volunteer: Well, why shouldn’t you? There are children with special needs in Qatar, but there is a lack of volunteers for causes like HOPE, supporting them. Why not be a part of giving a child a chance at fully developing and reaching his or her full potential? (55348611).

Eid Charity
Eid Charity has numerous charity projects on. They’re dedicated to providing humanitarian aid and offering a wide range of services to the poverty-stricken and those affected by war. They also provide assistance for anything related to education, health, food and shelter. Eid Charity has a project called ‘Hafd Al Nemaa’ which translates to ‘saving food’. The project aims to limit food wastage in Qatar by finding effective solutions for this bad habit.

Why you should volunteer: Because it’s really simple. All you need to do is call them, they will come to you with a van to pick up the excess food. They will then pack it and distribute it to those who need it. It’s literally effortless but can have a great impact on the community. Start calling!

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