Kulluna events in Doha

Beat the heat, keep a healthy heart and buckle up in Doha this month

Kulluna events in Doha
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Doha based Kulluna is continuing to roll out events this May to help beat the heat, keep a healthy heart and buckle up.

Allow me to get something off my chest. Children, toddlers, even babies, not belted up in cars in Doha, infuriates me. It shows a complete lack of education on the part of the parents. It’s beyond stupid. And on a daily basis you see this utter moronic behaviour from the parents and guardians who pay no attention to basic safety procedures and put a child’s life needlessly at risk. And you see people of numerous nationalities doing this. So the long-standing campaign by Kulluna to tackle such a lack of education with seminars and workshops to try and combat that is a welcome sign. Using education rather than shaming, Kulluna hopes to get the message across. So I decided to find out about the campaign and other initiatives run by the Doha-based charity.

About Kulluna
Founded as recently as 2012, Kulluna literally translates to “all of us,” a good name for a campaign trying to get the city working in harmony for the better of everyone. The CPS initiative (Child Passenger Safety) is just one of the campaigns. There’s also the Healthy Heart initiative and the Beat the Heat efforts to try and make people feel safer, healthier and at ease.

How does Kulluna raise awareness?
There’s a good chance you’ve seen Kulluna doing events and activities at a shopping mall, but haven’t really gone to check what it’s all about. Scouring around the city either with a mobile caravan or hiring a spot in a building, the charity aims to go to the people to get the message across, rather than hoping that people come to them.

Beat the Heat
The Beat the Heat campaign takes place at various sites and is mainly focused on raising awareness about heat-related illnesses and highlighting simple steps for those who work outside for the summer months. Although the specific target is people working outside, it is obviously valid for everyone. Kulluna takes the mobile caravan to construction sites to meet the workers, as well as handing out apples, water and booklets designed to educate and prevent heat stroke and other heat-related illnesses before the problem starts.

Healthy Heart
The Healthy Heart campaign is designed to promote healthy living as a way of preventing heart disease. Health checks are available on site at the roadshows and medical advice is also on hand if needed.

Car passenger safety
The child seats initiative is all about educating the parents. At the events, Kulluna shows people how to fasten in their children. There’s also a massive car seat, where adults can buckle up like a child. The “Car Passenger Training Course” is also available, which lasts for four days and it means, once passed, that person is then able to educate others about the importance of buckling up. Again, although this specifically targets the importance of child safety, a general awareness of the importance of wearing a seat-belt is also evident.

Kulluna’s aims
Dr. Mahmoud Younis, assistant director of health promotion and communicative engagement, who has been working with the Kulluna charity for six months, explained the importance of these initiatives. ‘It’s all about public awareness and trying to get the message across. We are working alongside the vision of Qatar 2030 and we want to become the healthiest nation. Education is vital for this to happen.’ Furthermore, Dr. Mahmoud intimated that there are also new ideas and initiatives in the pipeline to roll out in the future.
To find out more about Kulluna, visit its website www.kulluna.qa.

Upcoming events

Healthy Heart
At the Project Qatar exhibition from May 4-7, there are daily workshops available at the Kulluna stall.
QNCC, Education City, www.projectqatar.com.

Car passenger safety
From May 26-28, the Qatar International Medical Congress is at the QNCC. Kalluna’s stall will be there every day.
QNCC, Education City, www.q-imc.com.

Beat the Heat
At various sites throughout May, the mobile caravan will be going to the workplace.

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