Donate your stuff in Doha

Spring clean your life and give unwanted possessions to a good cause

Donate your stuff in Doha

Too many of us end up with mountains of unused or unwanted items in our house and with nowhere for them to go. Well, spring is the time to clean it all up and out so here’s where and how you can do that in Qatar

Unworn T-shirts and dresses tumble out of the wardrobe every time you open the doors. Books pile high on a shelf that’s beginning to sag in the middle. All of your drawers, cupboards and storage boxes are full, and there’s a pile of stuff you don’t even want in the corner. So what do you do with it all? It’s a fair question in Qatar – it’s not as though you can just pop down to your nearest Oxfam to offload, de-clutter and do a good deed all at the same time. Is it?

Whether you want to donate or sell, here are six ways you can downsize in Doha without having to feel bad about just throwing it all away…

Doha Flea Market
Your stuff is sometimes too precious to just give away, so why not set up a stall at one or more of the monthly Doha Flea Markets and sell it? A stand costs QR200, but if you’re a second hand seller then you get 20 percent off. You’re able to present your clothes, accessories, books, appliances, ceramics, DVDs and much more. You can even cook up a storm and produce a few goodies to sell – you never know, you might even enjoy it so much you decide to make a side business out of it. Remember, one man’s trash is another man’s treasure!
Visit for more information.

Buy it, Sell it, Swap it Qatar
This Facebook group has taken off in Qatar since it was founded. Offering residents the chance to post their unwanted, used and second hand goods on there for bargain prices, it also allows other group members to express their interest in buying. You’ll find anything from bags and clothes to computers and furniture, and best of all – you can get rid of all that stuff that’s lurking in the shadows and know it’s going to a good home.
Search Buy it, Sell it, Swap it Qatar on Facebook. And make sure you read the rules!

Electronics recycling
Have you got gizmos and gadgets a-plenty hiding in desk drawers? It seems such a shame to throw away something that cost you an arm and a leg not so long ago, but gave up working not long after. You don’t have to, however, as Al Haya Qatar offers e-waste collection services. They collect computer accessories, laptops, printers and copiers, routers, phones and ink catridges – among others – and make sure they’re recycled. They also provide special cartons for you to store everything in to.
Call 4443 7496 or visit to find out more.

Doha Mums Children’s Library
Many of us have books regularly falling from the shelves because we just can’t get enough. But if you bought one six months ago and haven’t even finished the first chapter, or if you read some five years ago and they’re just lying there gathering dust, then it’s time to get rid. The popular Doha Mums network has relaunched their children’s library concept in the Al Jazi compound and it’s looking bigger and better than ever. But they need everybody’s help to survive so they’re happy to accept donations in the form of books. They cater to kids of all ages, with separate sections for each age group, and are interested in fiction or non-fiction, paper backs and DVDs, children’s board books and parenting guides. Whatever you have, just send them an email and let them know!

Donation delivery
Cats in Qatar, a non-profit group, which is run entirely by volunteers, is always looking for donations to help the poor and needy cats of Qatar. Of course, cat supplies are always welcome – old blankets, litter boxes, food, toys and scratching posts for example – but also anything you don’t want, that’s in a reasonable condition and can be turned into cash. You can either drop off your stuff to the collection bin at Al Tamimi Clinic in Katara Cultural Village or contact the team to arrange delivery or pick up. Alternatively, call the number on Qatar Charity’s donation bins and they’ll come round, disassemble your stuff and take it all off your hands for free!
Visit or for more information

Recycling secrets

Do you feel guilty about throwing away plastic bottles and paper waste every day? Some of us end up with overflowing boxes and cupboards of old magazines and plastic bags we just don’t feel right parting with. If you’d like to recycle your rubbish, and you aren’t able to do it through your housing or company, then you can always take advantage of the public recycling bins that are dotted about the city in various locations. These include Qatar Foundation’s Education City, Qatar Sports Club, Katara Cultural Village and Rumeilah/Al Bidda Park, and there are bins for both paper and plastic.

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