Sunset Brunch at Shanghai Club

A late afternoon brunch with plenty of delicious Chinese dishes

Sunset Brunch at Shanghai Club
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Shanghai is a city of spectacular skyscrapers so it’s fitting that the 43rd floor of the new JW Marriott Marquis hotel has a spectacular Chinese restaurant, Shanghai Club.

The brunch at Shanghai Club has a stunning setting, with floor-to-ceiling windows looking over a panoramic view of West Bay and beyond. The beautiful portraits hanging on the wall before the entrance somehow evoke both a sense of pop art modernity and thousand year-old traditions.

Chandeliers sparkle across the ceiling and an enormous green dragon looks over you at the end. Luxurious private dining rooms are hidden away from the main restaurant space if you’re looking for a more intimate meal.

We immediately notice several live cooking stations. A barbeque and crispy duck selection are on offer but don’t worry about walking all the way there as this brunch is served à la carte style.

We are started with an adorable looking trio of welcome bites – satay chicken, prawns tempura and a thin bruschetta bite topped with thinly-sliced cured meats. Shortly after, a selection of plates is served to further whet our appetites. The crispy duck rolls keep us going until we devour the steamed barbecue chicken bun. It has a sharp kick that goes down well with our beverages.

The pieces of duck from the live station come with an incredible sauce – it’s sweet and spicy and is a real winner in the flavour department. We snack on some delightfully sweet free range chicken and mushroom siu mai and crispy crystal shrimp.

This is anything but a boring brunch. Our entertainment comes in the form of a tea sommelier-dancer extraordinaire who almost instantly changes the way we want our tea served from this point on. She makes a grand entrance and jaws, knives and forks drop as heads turn to watch an intriguing performance of creative tea pouring.

The piping hot steamed dim sum is super but we’ve barely scratched the surface before the fried dim sum selection arrives. The perfectly oval-shaped, lightly-browned pumpkin fritters are brilliant, to say the least. The crispy shrimp wonton oozes flavour with every crunchy bite. But the real stars are the radish cakes. It doesn’t sound exciting, but you’re going to have to trust us on this one.

We are already stuffed to the gills so the waiters give us a little break before the mains arrive (yes, we’ve only had starters so far). Our favourite is the sweet and sour pomegranate chicken which adds a different texture to this classic staple of a dish. We are also offered mapo tofu which is a top vegetarian dish, spicy peppercorn fish fillet and slow-cooked beef brisket along with rice and noodles on the side.

We almost can’t eat anymore but there’s always room for dessert. The focus here is on quality over quantity. It’s a small but varied selection. We try the trio of mini donuts (filled with peanut butter, vanilla and orange) that come with a selection of dipping sauces. A perfectly cut rectangle of freshly baked shortcake is topped with bright red, fresh raspberries and a small scoop of rich vanilla parfait.

We struggle valiantly on (just for you, dear reader) and our last morsels of the evening are from a passionfruit flavoured blancmange shaped like an orange. The live station chef adds a touch of flair by drizzling spiced orange juice over the top. This is summer summed up in a pudding.

The staff has been helpful and this has been a delightful afternoon. The Sunset Brunch is perfectly timed, ending as the sun goes down. It means you can easily run all your morning errands and make the best of Doha’s golden hours from 3pm until 6.30pm (including taking all those “sun kissed” selfies).
QR360 (house beverages). Fri 3pm-6.30pm. JW Marriott Marquis, West Bay (4429 5000).

A late afternoon brunch with plenty of delicious Chinese dishes

For the Peking duck, the radish cakes and sunset glows

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