Dare to Brunch at STK Doha

Brunch review: A meaty Friday feast for partygoers

Dare to Brunch at STK Doha
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Dare to brunch at STK Doha gives new meaning to daytime parties in the city. While we usually enjoy quiet afternoons laden with brilliant food, we’re excited at the prospect of shaking off calories while consuming them simultaneously, thanks to this party-style affair with good music and a few live acts.

The beats start right from the elevator ride up to the 23rd floor, where STK is located.

There’s loud music blasting out of speakers installed inside the lift along with red mood lighting.

The entrance is already a fully-fledged party with loads of people clicking photos near the neon “Dare to be” sign right outside. We’re also greeted by two gold mirror men grooving to the music, which is an exciting start to the brunch.

The sparkly dudes escort us inside and the hostess takes us to our table, which is a cosy roundtable with semi-circular suede couches, right in the middle of the action. STK Doha’s daytime ambience is the polar opposite of what it’s like in the evenings. With natural light filling the place, people moving about and a focus on the party and not the beautiful elements of the décor like the cherry blossoms, grooved ceiling and intricate artwork, the restaurant feels like a different venue.

The brunch is à la carte style and there are plenty of breakfast varieties, which we’re happy about. There are about seven starters including morning tacos (winning bites loaded with delightfully fluffy scrambled eggs, chopped tomatoes, avocado sauce, another tangy sauce and, of course, melted cheese). The STK signature mini burgers are also present and although the patty is slightly dry, they’re still good. Fresh shrimp is tossed in coriander, lemon, radish and avocado and is garnished with thinly-sliced fried banana. The dish is refreshing to say the least. There are options for vegetarians, too, such as the minced mushroom salad with a green chutney, and a lettuce and green pea salad. The beef brisket is well-seasoned and comes with avocados and a fried egg, it’s quite a filling appetiser. We try the granola last, and treat it as a palette cleanser as it’s loaded with mixed berries and kiwis.

What we really like about the starter service is the portion size. Everything is served in either small-sized plates or two of each which is just perfect. We can taste everything and leave enough room for mains.

There are a selection of main courses and we are informed that we can choose just one from the list, which is totally fine since we’re quite filled with appetisers. After placing our orders, we head over to the dancefloor where a DJ booth is dishing out some top tunes. We move a little, burn calories, enjoy the percussionist (we try to beat his drum) and then head back to the table.

The ribeye arrives cooked to medium. We only wish we had been asked about the doneness. The brisket is tender, beautifully garnished and tastes absolutely fantastic. There are some surf options on the menu, too, if you’re not here for the meaty mains.

We’re barely able to finish them, we’ve clearly had too much to eat already. But the dessert menu looks pretty exciting. The churros come with three dipping sauces – chocolate, caramel and a fruity flavour. This deep fried goodness is worth all the calories. And for the finale, the junk chalice arrives, smoking cold (from the dry ice at the bottom) and loaded with everything that made our childhood awesome from jelly beans and ice cream to gummy bears and marshmallows     

It’s topped with a generous dollop of candy floss and even though this brunch isn’t ideal for kids, we can’t help but feel like children all over again.

The servers are on top of everything despite the busy crowds. They’re smiling and in a rather jovial mood. In fact, we even see a couple of them busting some pro moves on the dancefloor.

Overall, the STK brunch is an upmarket but fun experience with some hits and misses in the food department.
QR325 (soft drinks), QR450 (selected beverages). Fri noon-4pm. The Ritz-Carlton Doha (4484 8588).

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