The Party Brunch at CUT by Wolfgang Puck

An à la carte-style party brunch

The Party Brunch at CUT by Wolfgang Puck

Excited for what’s known as the Party Brunch at one of Doha’s top celebrity chef-owned restaurants CUT by Wolfgang Puck, we sashay past the Mondrian Doha’s glorious lobby to find the restaurant located right next to a very intriguing black floating spiral staircase (that leads to nowhere).

The restaurant is spacious with plenty of light and although we don’t see any semblance of a party as yet, we’re quite hopeful given the ambience. There’s a photo booth right near the entrance and a mixed beverage stand that welcomes us as we take our seats. We choose to skip the beverage on offer because we’re quite particular about where our Tabasco goes. The afternoon is young and we’re very much looking forward to see it progress into a balloon-popping, hip-twisting affair.

The delightful servers start us off with a bowl of assorted breads with some homemade butter and jam on the side. The tiny cheese breads are incredibly soft and cheesy, possibly the best way to start the day. We have at least three bowls of these (they are quite small).

We admire the à la carte style of this brunch – it makes total sense especially since we want to save all our energy for the party.

There’s a selection of starters, a few main courses and signature desserts to share. We begin with the pickled rhubarb and pepper toast which is decent in the flavour department but you can’t really have more than one as the tastes are quite strong. We’re rather unimpressed with the chickpea salad which feels like something off the salad station at all-day diner’s lunch buffet. The lobster and prawn dumplings are the toppers so far with its soft, smooth texture and super chilli sauce. It’s a bit too salty for our taste but it’s something we can excuse given its other positives. The Peking duck rolls are perfectly fried and not too greasy, the Hoisin sauce has a desirable, sweetish taste. These are quite heavy because they’re missing veggies of any sort, so ensure you don’t go all out. The cauliflower naan with coconut chutney might be the biggest disappointment of all. The naan is used as the base with the cauliflower on top – the entire dish lacks flavour and the combination of the naan with the spiced cauliflower just doesn’t work. The coconut chutney is the saving grace. The good thing about this brunch is the entire menu changes every single week, so you never have to worry about coming back and trying the same dish again, especially if it is something you don’t like. A couple of condiments are served on the table – don’t miss out on the harissa honey. The grilled local king prawns arrive with a sweet carrot emulsion and radish on the side. The prawns taste brilliant to say the least. We’re quite satisfied with the mains as the pan roasted chicken that arrives next is also equally tasty. Don’t blame us for eagerly anticipating what’s next on the main course menu. Will the short ribs and prime rib eye live up to the steakhouse hype and our expectations? Short answer: yes. Long answer: both these meaty mains are wonderfully moreish and far exceed our expectations. The short ribs taste like nothing we’ve ever tasted before – served on warm barley with spiced almonds and a date butter. The soft texture is pure joy, the flavours mix wonderfully well and the end result is drops of bliss in your mouth. At this point we’re even a little upset that the menu changes every week – we want this back in every single time we come here. The herb- roasted prime ribeye is almost up there with the short ribs and is still a fantastic dish to end the lunch with.

Unfortunately the brunch is over and clearly, there’s no party. Either we picked a bad day or the party brunch doesn’t mean there’s an actual party. Thanks to the short ribs and embarrassingly large quantities of the cheese bread, we’re happily leaving.

This is definitely a brunch to come back to.
QR315 (soft drinks); QR465 (selected beverages). Fri 12.30pm-3.30pm. Mondrian Doha (4045 5999).

An à la carte-style party brunch

For the top cheese bread and the moreish mains

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