Farmer’s Brunch at The Ritz-Carlton

Get the Friday feels of a farmer at this fun brunch with fresh food and farm animals

Farmer’s Brunch at The Ritz-Carlton
Farmer’s Brunch at The Ritz-Carlton Image #2

Ritz-Carlton’s award-winning Picnic Brunch was the talk of the town until very recently, when they changed things around. All it took was a pony. And some sheep, geese and rabbits. The brand new Farmer’s Brunch really takes Doha’s favourite weekend pastime and propels it to the next level.

Imagine playing with a really cute pony in between trying out different farm-to-table dishes. As we enter, we see how they’ve really transformed the offering into this fun, farm-themed affair. The colours of fresh, organic fruits and vegetables displayed all about really pop. And there are the lush green lawns outside on the left, with all sorts of adorable animals that you can pet and play with. It’s no surprise the children are all flocking there. And we’re not ashamed to admit that we might have actually spent more time feeding the baby goat than ourselves.

There are lots of reasons we’re loving this concept. For one, you get to see how Qatar is moving in the direction of self-sufficiency with all the local and organic produce. Most of the items are sourced from farms in Qatar. If you’re counting calories, you’ll really appreciate how most of their items are light and healthy, too.

So, we walk around the farm displays, and locate the meatiest main to get our hands on. The prime rib is of excellent quality and we load up on it. The farm-to-fork counter has a selection of meats, mashed potato and sauces, and the quality makes up for the lack
of variety.

If there's one dish from this brunch that we particularly have to recommend, it’s the porcini mushroom risotto. They make it in front of you, and we’re not exaggerating when we say you'll be hard pushed to not kidnap them afterwards. This is a plate that's absolutely perfect, from texture to taste. Also, don’t miss the onion soup they serve in bread bowls right next to it.

The sushi counter and avocado bar then catches our eye. Of course, avocados first. We’re trying to not look overexcited, but our involuntary and unbelievably fast hand movements are giving us away. In a matter of barely three seconds, our plates become mini-versions of the whole avocado bar. The salmon and avocado toast is light and refreshing. There are avocados sliced in half, filled with fresh prawns and some dollops of fruit relish. They are packed with flavour and taste brilliant. As brilliant as the idea of an avocado bar in the first place.

The selection of sushi is limited to four or five varieties, which is totally fine. You get to try some really fresh and delicious seafood and then move on to more exciting things in this brunch. Like the super-colourful tomato and mozzarella bar or the artisanal cheese station, to name just two.

Time for a pony break. We grab a glass of their signature watermelon iced tea and stroll on the lawns. It’s a sunny afternoon and the animals are more than cheerful. Except for the rooster, for some reason. Clearly, he has issues with the innocent-looking rabbit, parked at the corner of a large cage.

We head back in to try some dessert. We love the Paris Brest with pistachio flavoured cream and coconut marshmallows. There’s a cupcake frosting station, too. And a huge bread wagon across on the other side. We love how they’ve really kept to the theme and incorporated farm elements into every single section.

This is one of those brunches where you don’t feel like you’ve consumed a mountain of calories and a sea of fat. We walk out of what feels like a great day out at a funfair, well-balanced, not over-stuffed and very, very pleased indeed.

The Bottom Line
Excellent, fun and perfect for families.

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