Thai and Swedish fusion massage in Doha

Sofia Vyas gets a seriously satisfying Thai and Swedish fusion massage

Thai and Swedish fusion massage in Doha

The Promise
The massage uses a combination of Thai and Swedish techniques to soothe aches, ease stiffness and enhance your flexibility.

Step by Step
First, we’re given very thorough information about what our massage involves and the other options available within the same price bracket, along with the benefits of each. After some ginger tea, we’re shown to the treatment room, where our therapist asks more about our preferences and notes areas to be focussed on or avoided. The massage is deep and at times the pressure borders on painful, but in the satisfying kind of way that makes us feel like it’s really working. We can feel the knots in our muscles getting forced out. The stretching, though a little uncomfortable, also feels like it works wonders.

The Result
We come out feeling refreshed, revitalised, loosened up and totally ache-free.

The fantastic service and personalised approach, particularly the in-depth information about what the treatments involves. Therapists are clearly very experienced and the massage itself leaves you feeling lovely and loosened-up.

It is effective, but this isn’t a particularly relaxing treatment that’ll have you nodding off.
QR500 (60 mins). Angsana Spa, Wyndham Grand Regency, Sports Roundabout, Al Sadd (4434 3333).

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