5 simple steps to looking good

Scrubs, facials, waxes, lotions and more

5 simple steps to looking good

1 Scrubs
Skip the spa package. Hit the beach and let the sand and salty water buff away dead cells instead.

2 Facials
Fewer late nights and less sugar will eliminate dark circles and help keep break-outs at bay.

3 Nails

Instead of splashing out on a full manicure every time you visit a salon, go for a simple shape and polish instead, and keep your cuticles in shape by moisturising regularly.

4 Body lotion
Moisturisers containing acclaimed coconut oil are often double the price you’ll pay for the pure stuff from the cooking aisles, which you can use for hair, body and dinner.

5 Waxing
Well, the ’70s are back in fashion, aren’t they?

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