Water Run Fit in Doha

Will Dawn Gibson get anywhere fast at a Water Run Fit class?

Water Run Fit in Doha

The promise
An effective workout that burns fat and tones muscles, but doesn’t get you hot and sweaty.

Step by step
Water Run Fit is often used by athletes as part of their training and by physiotherapists for clients getting over injury. The idea is to mimic running movements in the water for a no-impact workout that gets the heart racing. After we climb into the pool with a buoyancy device around our waist, our instructor, Ali, guides us through sets of water running, combined with exercises such as jump squats and pull-ups. It’s pretty intense. Before long water is splashing out the sides of the pool as participants circle about, legs and arms pumping.

The result
The class is fun but more challenging than you think. The combination of cardio and resistance training makes it a good supplement to higher impact training.

The class has a maximum of eight people so there’s plenty of individual attention. It would be a good addition to your routine if you’re in training for the Doha Dash or Color Run.

As this is a smaller class, it means it’s a bit pricier than other group workouts you can find in the city. 
QR100 for one hour (QR50 discount for 5 classes and QR250 discount for 15 classes). West Bay Lagoon, www.alifitclub.com (5552 6407).

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