DNA testig n Doha

B/Attitude Doha ushers in a new era of scientific wellness

DNA testig n Doha

Genetic research is at the forefront of clinical science and has been for many years. While the ethicality of these methods is often questioned in certain scientific circles, the practice of personalised medicine has proved, in many places, to be a raging success. Genetic studies relating to metabolism, lifestyle diseases, sports performance and nutrition have resulted in the creation of tailored treatments that are better suited to the individual.

In Doha, B/Attitude has recently launched D/Code, offering clients just this. In collaboration with European company Nordic Laboratories and Prima-Derma Research Centre, they offer three DNA tests focusing on health management, dietary disposition and athletic performance, and reveal insight into each patient’s true health potential.

“We tailor our clothes, customise our cars and personalise our living space with a great deal of care,” comments B/Attitude Doha general manager Tajana Trtanj. “And yet our physical, mental and emotional wellness is often related to clichés, trends or guesswork, without much personal or professional insight into why a service or a product would be the right choice for us.

“We decided to bring science into the wellness equation and empower clients with the knowledge to better manage their lifestyle choices.”

With DNA Health, following the testing of 26 genes, practitioners can offer specific diet and lifestyle recommendations. DNA Diet, on the other hand, is designed for people with weight management issues and tests 13 genes, while DNA Sport unlocks the performance potential of both elite and recreational athletes.

No matter how you feel about topics such as cloning and “designer babies”, this new kind of treatment seemingly, simply offers a roadmap to health to ensure you don’t get lost along the way.
From QAR2,500. B/Attitude Spa Doha, Beverly Hills Tower, West Bay (4412 2046).

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