Hawaiian massage at B/attitude Doha

We try the four handed Hawaiian massage at B/attitude in Doha

Hawaiian massage at B/attitude Doha

Name of the treatment:
Hawaiian Wave Four Hands Massage

About the treatment
The Hawaiian Wave Four Hands Massage is a stress relieving treatment that promotes deep relaxation, release of tension and the restoration of mind-body balance. Two therapists guide their four hands in a dance-like rhythmic flow and in a Lomi Lomi style wave-inspired motion. Using lavender oil, known for its sedating and relaxing effect, the treatment starts with one therapist massaging the head and the other therapist massaging the feet, both in synchronised motion. The treatment continues with the two therapists working together in harmony as they would either mirror each other or would synchronise their movements when working on separate body parts to complete a full body massage.

• It is indeed a treatment for deep relaxation.

• Do not worry about receiving different pressures from two therapists. They are highly trained to apply the same pressure on the client.

• The scent of lavender oil would stay on your skin after the treatment.

• It is like getting two full body massages at once.

• It may seem a little odd at first that you are getting treatment from two masseuses, though after a while this sensation goes.

• The price of QR900 could look like an above average price for a 60 minute massage. However, bear in mind that there are two therapists orchestrating the Hawaiian Wave Four Hands Massage.

Price: QR900, lasting 60 minutes.
B/attitude, Beverly Hills Tower, West Bay (4412 2046), www.battitudespadoha.com.

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