Pedi-puja at B/Attitude Spa in Doha

We try a pedicure spa treatment in West Bay Doha

Pedi-puja at B/Attitude Spa in Doha

The pedi-puja treatment is an invigorating and relaxing foot massage, ideal for people seeking to rid themselves of daily tensions through pressure on the reflex zones and the use of the Kansu Tibetan bowl. This is not your average foot massage. This treatment is a mix of reflexology, hot stones and the Kansu bowl massage. It starts with Thai therapist Uthai Saenaska helping me choose the massage oil. You have a choice of lemongrass, mint or prince oils. She then leads me into the candle-adorned treatment room for a warm foot wash with rose petal water. Then, as I lie face down on the warm water bed, the masseuse slowly starts to press all the reflex zones of the foot, leg and back, all while enquiring if the pressure is right, as it should be just enough to both stimulate and relax.

How it works
Uthai explained that this treatment is nicknamed “The upside down reflexology,” as you remain on your stomach the entire time and hand massaged and rubbed from the toes to calves, one leg at a time. After this, she then moves onto the hot stones and the Kansu bowl. The Kansu Tibetan bowl is made of precious metals, copper, bronze and zinc. Copper absorbs excess body heat and reduces inflammation processes, especially in the joints. Zinc stimulates the muscle tissue and contains antiseptic properties while bronze acts as a catalyst of copper, absorbing the body heat.

Benefits of the Kansu bowl
Traditional reflexology can assist with insomnia, stress levels, re-balancing hormones, reducing emotions such as fear and anger and also have a positive effect on those suffering from depression and anxiety. The additional benefits of the heated stones and Kansu application speeds up the circulation of blood through the lymph nodes and promotes the flow of vital energy (Prana) to the body, providing overall increased vitality.

Other benefits
This is a very relaxing and soothing massage which stimulates more than 12 vital points on the foot and encourages the development of positive thoughts, detoxifies the body and stimulates better functioning vital organs. As I finally sat up an hour or so later, I noted which points in my feet felt tender. As Uthai explained to me: ‘You forget that your feet are carrying a full body weight each and every day, sometimes in the wrong position or squashed in shoes that are not correctly fitted. The pain that we feel when you rub your feet is not always related to the body part but sometimes from walking incorrectly or long hours in the wrong shoes.’ She suggests that along with this treatment you can also soak your feet in pure essential oils such as lavender or peppermint every second day to relieve tension and stimulate circulation. It left me feeling revived and refreshed and definitely more aware of how I treat my feet.

Get the treatment
B/Attitude Spa boasts an extensive range of treatments and therapies for guests to relax and unwind. There are 17 treatment rooms, a tranquillity post treatment room, spa lounge, Jacuzzi, steam room and sauna and aqua suites for Moroccan Hamman and body scrubs. The men’s quarters boast the same services in the male spa section. They also offer a range of health and fitness classes such as Muay Thai kickboxing, spinning, Pilates, yoga, Zumba, gymnastics for kids and Body Pump. But for a more relaxed time, the pedi-puja treatment fits the bill.
The 60-minute pedi-puja treatment costs QR390 at B/Attitude Spa. Beverley Hills Towers, West Bay, Doha (4412 2046).

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