25 spa treatments to try in Doha

Body treatments, facials, slimming massages and much more

25 spa treatments to try in Doha
Body Treatments

Jaula Detox
It’s not hard to see why this is one of Jaula Spa’s most popular treatments. Prepare for two hours of divine me-time at one of Doha’s most fabulous day spas, resulting in soft and silky skin as well as a feeling of relaxation so deep you may never want to leave.

The treatment begins with body brushing to remove old skin. Then, you will be slathered in a green mixture made with spirulina, a mineral-rich seaweed extract, to draw out toxins and moisturise. You enjoy a blissful scalp massage as you are cocooned in the spirulina wrap, which is followed by a shower and a lavender oil body massage to complete the detoxification process.
• A perfect de-stress treatment.
• Great for dry skin.
• Expert therapists.
• The wrap is a bit messy.
Price: QR825 for 120 minutes.
Jaula Spa & Club, Grand Hyatt Doha, West Bay Lagoon (4448 1056/1060), jaula.spa@hyatt.com; doha.grand.hyatt.com/hyatt/pure/spas.

Remède Customised Massage
Remède is the French word for remedy and is the philosophy of its Customised Massage treatment. After filling out the health forms, there is an initial pre-consultation where your details are translated into a personalised treatment according to your skin, ailments and desires.

First, you can relax in the steam room and waterfall shower as a pre-treatment, before choosing an aromatherapy application of lavender oil. Starting with a rub of the feet in paraffin, you then move to the lower back and neck. The masseuse, using a combination of techniques from long strokes to elbows, as well as long-practiced Thai stretching, makes the massage bliss.

The treatment also provides food for the body. The session concludes with a healthy cuisine of steamed salmon, spinach, pineapple juice, tea, fruit and decadent chocolates in the relaxation lounge.
• Soothes hands and feet.
• Post treatment relaxation room with infused water, dried fruits and chocolates.
• Healthy cuisine as a part of your post treatment.
• No outdoor seating area. In the winter evenings you might want to take your meal under the stars overlooking the sea.
Price: QR495 for 60 minutes.
Remède Spa, St. Regis Doha, West Bay Lagoon (4446 0300), remedespa.doha@stregis.com; www.remedespadoha.com/remede.

Sports Massage
The fresh mango juice and hot towel while filling out the questionnaire at the start is a nice touch, and the super-attentive therapists at the spa will offer you a choice of three fabulous scents for the massage oil. The treatment room is softly candle-lit and complete with a private changing room (no danger of bumping into colleagues or friends while you are working out which way round the paper pants should go on). The bed is heated and set to contour the body and the massage ideal for those that suffer from niggling, repetitive injuries.
• Smart, clean spa just steps away from the beautiful pool and beach.
• Friendly, professional and knowledgeable staff.
• You leave feeling de-stressed, relaxed and de-knotted.
Although this massage is thorough, there could be more stretching and T-band work for a perfect sports massage
Price: QR580 for 60 minutes, or QR750 for 90 minutes.
Eforea Spa, Hilton Hotel, West Bay (4423 3333), doha.spa@hilton.com, www.doha.hilton.com.

Japanese Mizu-Tsu Massage
The Japanese Mizu-Tsu Massage is a unique form of bodywork that combines immersing the body in warm water with a massage. Expect to be gently rocked, stretched and arched in the Jacuzzi by a therapist, and experience a deep state of relaxation afterwards. While floating and being supported by the therapist and the pool noodles, the treatment starts with stomach massages and continues to the legs, feet, back, neck and head with a combination of pressure and stretches. Part of the stretches include the therapist pulling the client from side-to-side of the pool, which will almost feel like being danced on a cradle.
• Good for those who suffer injuries.
• It is something different in Doha.
• A deep state of relaxation is achieved.
• If you’re not comfortable in water, this is not for you.
Price: QR550, lasting 60 minutes.
b/attitude Spa, Second floor, Beverly Hills Tower, West Bay (4412 2046), www.battitudespadoha.com.

The Body Lift Sculptor

As the name says, the Body Lift Sculptor aims to contour the body. The treatment starts with a body analysis and consultation from the therapist to determine the client’s body type (i.e., if water retention is experienced) and what the client aims to achieve and in which part of the body. The treatment sculpts the body with an intensive massage, with products designed for exfoliation, as well as cellulite control and body shaping and contouring products from Clarins. The team at Clarins know what they are doing and you should feel light and relaxed after it.
• Achieves a more sculpted look.
• A two-in-one treatment! A treatment aiming to contour the body plus a great massage!
• Reviewer found it a very relaxing treatment.
•As with any other contouring treatment, do not expect a perfect body after one treatment.
Price: QR1,050, lasting 60 minutes.
Spa by Clarins, Marsa Malaz Kempinski, The Pearl, Doha (4035 5555), spa.marsamalaz@kempinski.com.


Subtle Energies Facial
If you want a five-star pampering experience, Six Senses Spa is one of the best spots in town. This luxurious facial combines Ayurveda, a set of ancient Indian practices focused on wellbeing, with the use of essential oil-based products from spa company Subtle Energies.
The therapist will give you a quick skin analysis in order to tailor the facial to your needs. Expect an exotic experience, including such delights as a saffron and frankincense scrub, a face massage using mogra jasmine oil and a clay mask, all designed to leave your skin baby-soft. The facial also includes a delightful Ayurveda scalp massage fit for a queen (or king).
• Deeply relaxing.
• Products do not contain parabens, petrochemicals, synthetic fragrances or colour.
• Products are not tested on animals.
• Some products are not suitable for sensitive skins.
Price: QR550 for 50 minutes.*
* Prices at Six Senses were under review at time of print. Six Senses Spa, Sharq Village & Spa, Ras Abu Abboud (4425 6999), reservations-sharq-spa@sixsenses.com, www.sixsenses.com/spas/spa-at-sharq-village).

Anti-Ageing Prescriptive Facial

For those that want to look eternally young, this treatment could help you out. This facial starts with the usual routine – wash, cleanse, tone and then an application of the Vitamin C enriched ampoule used as an antioxidant and fine line corrector, followed by an enzyme powder mask that is refreshingly cool, with a fresh peppermint smell. If there is a slight tingling sensation, it’s working. A gentle head, neck and shoulder massage helps to relax the body and mind. The mask is then washed off (no peeling or tugging) and the pore cleansing starts. The Evolutive eye cream and final moisturiser is applied with a face massage, leaving the skin visibly smoother, clearer and feeling younger.
• Knowledgeable skin therapists.
• Treatments are done with only 100% natural, organic products.
• Skin feels smoother, brighter and fresher.
• Spa amenities (sauna, steam room, Jacuzzi), only cater for two to three people at one time.
Price: QR495 for 60 minutes.
Bay View 26 Wellness Centre, Mövenpick Hotel West Bay Doha, (4496 6410), hotel.dohawestbay.HC@moevenpick.com.

LPG Facial
LPG Facial, also known as a liftmassage by endermologie, is a non-surgical face lifting and slimming technology. The treatment starts with a skin analysis and consultation to determine what the client wishes to achieve and what can be expected after the first treatment and thereafter. Just like regular facials, the process starts with cleansing and exfoliating the skin, using products from Pevonia. Then, for the third step, instead of going through an extraction (as in a standard facial), the liftmassage is executed using a machine with different “massage heads.” The manner of how the liftmassage is done depends on what the client wishes to obtain. After this a facial mask, serum and then a moisturiser are applied. The type of mask, serum and mousturiser also depends on the client’s skin type.
• Treatment is recommended for both men and women.
• A noticeably more radiant skin after the first treatment.
• Also recommended for wrinkles and for double chins.
• Unlike regular facials, an LPG facial does not include extractions.
Price: QR420 for one session, lasting 60 minutes. For every three sessions booked, the fourth session will be complimentary.
The Spa, Doha Marriott, Ras Abu Abboud (4429 8520).


Hair Botox with Blow Dry

For those with fine, thin hair and for those who wish to thicken their hair, the hair botox is here to the rescue! A product from Loreal, the fibreceutic intra-cylane and a hair masque from the same product range is applied to the hair. After the application, the hair is left under warm heat for the products to be penetrated. The treatment finishes off with a rinse and a fabulous blow dry and the result is thicker hair with more volume. Do not expect the treatment to last forever. Your thicker looking hair is expected to last for up to three weeks. Glow American Salon recommends this treatment to be done at least once a month to maintain the look.
• Thicker hair to look fabulous.
• Broken ends are repaired instantly.
• Completes the new you.
• The treatment only lasts for a few weeks.
Price: The price depends on the length of your hair. It starts from QR200 for short hair and up to QR275 for long hair.
Glow American Salon, Salwa Road (4468-9945); West Bay Beach Tower (4411-7652); West Bay Lagoon Street (6686-7221). www.glowamericansalon.com.

Customised Miracle Oil Hair Treatment
The studio is not the typical hotel salon you would expect to encounter while looking for a quick blowout before your conference. David Martinez and his team of stylists demonstrate wondrous skill and artistry. The customised hair treatment is tailor-made to suit the condition of one’s hair which, usually in Doha, means as dry as the Arabian Desert itself. After shampooing the hair with Sacha Juan shampoo, the ends are slathered in authentic nourishing oil, followed by the Nourishing Vegetarian Miracle Conditioner, which is left under a heater for 15 minutes, allowing the hair follicles to open and absorb the conditioner.
• Post treatment they dry cut your hair, removing the faulty bits while keeping the natural beauty intact.
• Hair stays soft long after.
• Natural products are used.
• The water is ordinary tap water, not filtered.
Price: QR200-400, depending on the treatment, lasting 60 minutes.
Blue Brush Hair Studio, Hilton Hotel, West Bay (4423 3022).

Intense Repair Treatment with Blow Dry
For those with thick and damaged hair that need an instant repair and shine, the Intense Repair Treatment using the macadamia hydrating masque is highly recommended. The treatment starts with a shampoo, then the hair masque is applied with a relaxing scalp massage. To open the hair cuticles and to allow the treatment to penetrate, the hair is left under a warm heat. Cold water is used when rinsing the masque while allowing the cuticles to close and to lock in the moisture. The treatment is finished off with a blow dry. The result is beautiful, shiny hair. The “post-blow-dry look” and the beautiful shiny looking hair will last until a shower or two. To maintain the look, Glow American Salon recommends the use of the macadamia product range which includes a shampoo, a hair masque/conditioner and a hair oil among others.
• Instant repair and shine.
• Relaxing massage accompanies the treatment.
• Expert advice for post-treatment.
• It goes after one or two washes.
Price: The price depends on the length of your hair. It starts from QR250 for short hair and can cost up to QR325 for long hair. Macadamia Products available at Glow American Salon are priced at QR130 for 300ml shampoo, QR205 for 500ml hair masque, QR195 for 125ml healing oil.
Glow American Salon, Salwa Road (4468-9945); West Bay Beach Tower (4411-7652); West Bay Lagoon Street (6686-7221). www.glowamericansalon.com.

Chic & Sleek Manicure
Chic & Sleek is an addictive manicure experience. The treatment starts with a scrub that includes nutrient rich avocado, jojoba and anti-ageing grape-seed oil. This is followed by a white tea mask which is known for its anti-ageing and antioxidant properties. It also includes a massage and finishes off with a neatly done Glow signature manicure and a protective butter cream.
• Soft hands post the treatment.
• Very neatly done manicure – chic and sleek indeed!
• Reasonably-priced treatment.
• Don’t expect it to last long.
Price: QR135, lasting 60 minutes.
Glow American Salon, Salwa Road (4468 9945), West Bay Beach Tower (4411 7652); West Bay Lagoon (6686 7221), www.glowamericansalon.com.


Velashape Slimming Treatment
It uses a combination of suction, radio frequency and infrared to minimise the appearance of fat and cellulite, improve skin elasticity and reshape the contours of the body. The treatment is done with what looks like a large vacuum cleaner. A special cream is applied before the suction begins. The therapist runs the large nozzle over the target area with intense pressure, creating suction and heating effects. The machine heats up to 42°C against the skin, and is constantly monitored to make sure it does not burn. For best results, 10 sessions are advised.
• No human error.
• Helps women battling post pregnancy weight gain.
• A diet is provided.
• You can’t go in direct sunlight or a hot shower for the next day or two.
Price: QR500 each for 10 sessions or QR1,500 per session.
Silkor, Al Wabb, Azizya (4451 7778).
*Velashape is a non-invasive slimming treatment designed to target problem areas.

Tonifying Body Wrap
Because we all dream of that slim look, (well, most of us, anyway), the Tonifying Body Wrap is a 60-minute treatment that aims to deeply detoxify and tone the skin. Products based on orange, cinnamon and rice powders from Clarins are used by being applied to your body and then the body is wrapped for a few minutes while the therapist gives a very therapeutic scalp massage. After washing off the product, the treatment is finished off with the body contouring and firming creams from Clarins.
• The scalp massage is divine.
• Softer, firmer and smoother skin post the treatment.
• Post treatment creams smell nice.
• If you have long hair, tie it up before the treatment to make sure it doesn’t touch the product.
Price: QR800, lasting 60 minutes.
Spa by Clarins, Marsa Malaz Kempinksi, The Pearl (4035 5555), spa.marsamalaz@kempinski.com.

LPG is an acronym of the inventor who developed the machine for lipomassage – Louis Paul Guite. It is a treatment based on endermologie, a patented system developed by LPG, an all-natural and non-invasive technique in fat reduction. In simple terms, it is a treatment that uses a machine to massage the body for slimming, contouring and smoothing. The 35-minute treatment starts with a consultation on what the client aims to achieve – to lose inches/to lessen cellulites/to firm-up specific parts. Then the client has to wear the endermowear, a tight fitting suit for the treatment. The lipomassage is then executed in different parts of the body, concentrating on the target areas and with different types of massages depending on the desired result.
• A great massage plus the benefits of lipomassage – contouring/ firming/smoothing/ fat reduction.
• Since the massage is done by a machine, a consistent force/ stroke is achieved.
• Time Out reviewer lost three centimetres off the waistline after three sessions.
• Do not expect drastic results in one treatment. The number of treatments depends on the body type.
Price: QR350 per session, QR2,900 for 10 sessions, QR3,750 for 15 sessions plus two free sessions or QR4,800 for 18 sessions plus three free sessions.
LPG Endermo Spa & Beauty Center, Al Wabb St., Azizya (4414 1600).


Sanctuary Package
Remède spa epitomises luxury and tranquillity. For the lone traveller, the Sanctuary Package is the perfect way to enjoy yourself, without sitting in a restaurant on your own or ordering room service. It consists of a 30-minute scrub, a customised body wrap, 60 minutes’ customised back massage where you can choose your oils and how you would like the massage, a 60-minute facial and your choice of a healthy, scrumptious meal. Arrive early to enjoy the facilities, with a spa bath so big you can swim in it, and get comfortable and cosy in the lounging area with a fluffy blanket and your dinner.
• Four hours of total serenity.
• Healthy dinner made for you.
• Superior luxury.
• Expensive. Very expensive.
Price: QR2,350, lasting four hours.
Remède Spa, St. Regis Doha, West Bay Lagoon (4446 0000).

Milk & Honey Immersion & Fruit Enzyme Facial
Once stepped in the spa with dimmed lighting and full of aromatic scent, you will immediately feel yourself start to unwind. The spa offers various types of Middle Eastern therapies and beauty treatments. Choose this 160 minute luxurious treat if you are a massage lover. The treatment starts with a lemon mint body scrub mixed with oil, and your feet and heels are now ready for summer time sandals. After a quick shower, enjoy a relaxing back massage with rose oil. Finally, a facial exfoliation gives you silky soft skin – you’ll be amazed by your own baby soft cheeks afterwards. Bask in the afterglow of absolute pampering time while sipping a cup of complimentary herbal tea.
• Deeper pressure of the back massage was perfect.
• Facial exfoliation can improve skin texture.
• Body scrub mixed with oil rubs off hard skin, leaving it soft and smooth.
• Body scrub can irritate certain skin type.
Price: QR1,010, lasting 160 minutes.
Saray Spa, Marriott Marquis City Center Doha Hotel, West Bay (4419 5000).

Moroccan Hammam
Hippocrates one said: ‘Give me the power to create a fever and I shall cure any disease.’ Fast forward a couple of millennia and hammams still prescribe the healing heat. The Four Seasons Spa hammam treatment starts with a dip in the Jacuzzi with full jets on the back to move the muscles around.

Then into the steam room to open the pores and apply the thick and aromatic black soap (made of pure argan oil and vegetable paste) – great for respiratory problems.

Then it’s on to the full body exfoliation to remove every last piece of dead skin. The Rhassoul clay is then applied to further nourish and soften the skin. You are then wrapped up in a cocoon of towels and sheets to keep the warmth in as the clay works its magic. The next step is the mini facial, all with the luxurious organic products of Sodashi from Australia. After the cleansing, exfoliating, toning, mask and moisturiser, you are unwrapped and escorted to the shower for a final rinse. Once the skin is washed and rinsed, a rich and nourishing Jasmine lotion is applied all over the body as the final short massage.
• Treatment is in your own personalised spa suite.
• Authentic Moroccan tea, sweets and dates served post treatment.
• Cold room and swim suit dryer available in the spa changing rooms.
• Not the traditional hammam environment with the open Turkish bath décor.
Price: QR1,395, lasting 120 minutes.
Four Seasons Spa, Four Seasons, West Bay (4494 8087), www.fourseasons.com/doha/spa.


Reflexology Foot Massage
Authentic is the best word to describe the spa, from the exterior and the massage therapist to the china and the tea. The treatment begins over a cup of green tea served in a beautiful teacup while you enjoy a complimentary tamarind foot scrub, all the way from Thailand. Next, as you recline in a lazy boy chair, with a neck pillow and your feet up, the therapist gets to work from your knees down to the absolute extremities of your toes with master skills. There is a high possibility that falling asleep will happen during what is quite possibly the best massage around.
• Affordable.
• Stress relieving.
•Wide variety of traditional Thai treatments done by Thai ladies.
• No men allowed (but there is a male-only salon nearby).
Price: QR130, lasting 60 minutes.
Royal Thai Lady Spa, Villa No 1, Al Wabb Street, nr Villaggio, Azizya (4414 2400).

Foot Reflexology
The foot reflexology involves the application of pressure to the feet, as you would expect. Reflexologists claim that each part of the foot is connected to a different part, gland or organ of the body. An application of pressure on these parts relieves tension, improves circulation and improves your well-being. The Chinese Body Care massage parlour also offers affordable treatments such as acupressure, acupuncture and cupping, but it’s the reflexology treatment we like most. Massaging pressure points in the foot, the most surprising thing is that post-treatment, the sensation can be felt throughout the body.
• More than just a foot massage.
• A good alternative for individuals who are not comfortable with a whole body massage.
• Staff happy to tell you to relax!
• Do not expect a fancy 5-star treatment room!
Price: QR200, lasting 60 minutes.
Chinese Body Care, InterContinental Doha, West Bay Lagoon (4484 4024 / 4484 4848). cbodycare.com/home.html.; chinesebodycare@hotmail.com.

Combination Massage
Hala is one of those neon-lit villas offering beauty treatments that seem to be in abundance throughout Doha. It isn’t fancy, but it’s serviceable, and you get a quality massage that will leave you floating out the door for less than a third of the price of an upmarket spa.

The massage room is decorated with a Chinese dividing screen, an abundance of candles and, rather inexplicably, fake greenery on the wall. All thoughts of the eclectic décor will swiftly leave your mind, though, when your therapist proceeds to administer an oil massage using traditional Thai techniques aimed at kneading the tension out of every fibre of your body.
• A simply good massage.
• Deeply relaxing.
• Good for an after-work pick-me-up.
• It’s definitely no frills.
Price: QR125, lasting 60 minutes.
Hala Beauty Center, Al Salam Street, Al Rayyan, nr the Applebees roundabout (4482 3357).

Good for Men

Equilibrium Massage

It’s back to basics for this treatment, with a 30-minute back massage and a 30-minute head and face massage. With a choice of pressure to be applied, we think, as a bloke, you either have to go hard or go home. And going hard does mean it may be a little less comfortable, but you can really feel the treatment working. If you want the treatment to be less intrusive, ask the masseur to work solely on your back and face. With an oil application to grease you up, the professionalism of the staff means you will go home feeling like a hero. (You don’t have to go hard, and actually the massage with less pressure applied is a more relaxing experience (just don’t tell the missus)). You can also stay an extra half an hour after your treatment and sup a hot ginger juice.
• Quick and effective.
• Not too messy.
• Pain is gain.
• You won’t feel like a princess (much).
Price: QR550, lasting 60-minutes (with an extra 30-minutes for a drink and sit down).
Angsana Spa, Wyndham Grand Regency, Jawaan Street, Al Sadd (4434 3333).

Essential Purifying Facial for Men
Because guys need a pampering too, the essential purifying facial for men is ideal to replenish the skin and feels great. The face massage applied hitherto is also catered to a man’s face, with a more strenuous massage and the facial pack comprising of minerals, algae and seaweed matter, left to apply for 10 minutes as the pack does its magic. The product is designed to be more effective for harder skin, making it an ideal application for a man. Before all this, however, there is a full body exfoliation and a full body massage to get rid of all the dead skin and aches and pains.
• Full, rigorous treatment.
• Expert guidance throughout.
• Full package to get you feeling great.
• A little time consuming.
Price: QR1,280, lasting 135 minutes.
Saray Spa, Marriott Marquis City Center Doha Hotel, West Bay (4419 5000).

Knight in Shining Armour
Be one of the first to experience the new Spa by Clarins at Marsa Malaz Kempinski. The theme: minimalist chic. The Knight in Shining Armour is a specially designed spa package for grooms-to-be who want to be scrubbed, polished and poised for the special day. Start off with a facial customised to the needs of your skin. The Clarins range of men’s products is utilised to its fullest, from exfoliation all the way to hydration. A full body scrub gets you buffed head-to-toe in preparation for the ultimate deep tissue massage. All treatments are performed in a specialised room equipped with a shower, bath and facilities attached. So there’s total privacy and comfort. A different therapist performs the different treatment, so you get a facialist whose touch is as gentle as a feather, and a masseur who will de-knot and de-stress your body to a state of total relaxation. The spa package is 180 minutes long, so there’s quite an investment of time involved. But this could be seen as a good thing, for it’ll ensure that you walk out feeling brand new and dashing. There’s also a treatment for the bride available.
• Total body coverage.
• Complete privacy.
• Specialised therapists.
• Time consuming.
Price: QR1,600, lasting 180 minutes.
Spa by Clarins, Marsa Malaz Kempinksi, The Pearl (4035 5555), spa.marsamalaz@kempinski.com.

Going Away

Tranquility Treatment

If you want to ease your mind at a busy airport before you fly, visit the Vitality Spa, an airport oasis of health and wellness. In addition to the spa treatment, you’ll also get access to spa facilities to maximise your refreshing time there. The 80-minute spa treatment includes a one hour full body massage, followed by a fantastic facial treatment. The first treatment concentrates on the back, neck and shoulders – excellent for easing tension and discomfort built up on the plane, feeling a little lighter around the shoulders. Pressurised air in the cabin drains your skin. After a skin analysis, the personalised facial massage helps you arrive at your destination looking refreshed and glowing.
• Excellent foot and neck massage to release fatigue of a long flight ahead.
• Facial massage cream will be chosen based on your current skin condition/troubles.
• Takes the stress out of being at the airport.
• Locker in the changing room didn’t have a key (had to take a laptop and wallet to the massage room).
Price: QR430, lasting 80 minutes.
Vitality Spa, The Airport Hotel, Hamad Airport (4010 8100).

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