Top hairstyles for 2015

Hair style suggestions for fashionable men and women in 2015

Top hairstyles for 2015

Hailing from Lebanon but now living in Doha, hair stylist/salon supervisor Bilal Zalghout is known for his unique creativity, vision, passion and leadership. With over 13 years of experience as a professional stylist, he has acquired many awards and accolades from various academies in hair colouring and cutting from Germany, Turkey, Dubai and Lebanon. His extensive hair styling techniques to transform the average into the exceptional, combined with his charismatic presence, has gained him a huge volume of respect in the industry (no pun intended). For over three years, Bilal has been managing Jean Louis David beauty salon, located at the Marriott Marquis City Center Hotel, and he gives us the hottest cut for men right now and three sassy styles for women as we are in the early stages of 2015.

Top cut for men

Men's short cut

The look: The ‘David Beckham’ style

Age range: 15-40

Get the cut: ‘For men, whatever hairstyle English footballer David Beckham dons tends to be a popular one. This kind of haircut is done by cutting the hair very short on both sides, with a defined line on one side, while keeping some length on the top.’

Three glamorous styles for women

Women's short cut

The look: Short bob

Age range: All ages

Get the cut: ‘There are a lot of trendy, short haircuts that are popular this year and we choose one of the best – the ‘short bob’ cut. The hair is cut to the length that hovers just above the neckline with slightly longer hair in front, cut in an asymmetrical style for volume and body. Victoria Beckham popularised this haircut, so once more the Beckhams are setting the fashion trend. This cut is so feminine, it looks great and, best of all, it could make the ladies look younger. It is suitable for all ages.’

Women's medium cut

The look: For career women

Age range: 30-45

Get the look: ‘For career women who don’t want to go short and at the same time want to have some changes with their hair from time to time, we advise the customer should go with a medium haircut. This is done by cutting the length over the shoulders with a straight layer, graduated on the face and with some soft layering only on the top to give movement and body to the hair. This length can be done with a short fringe or long one.’

Women's long cut

Name of cut: Long bob cut

Age range: All ages

Get the look: ‘For women, the look we have chosen is one of the most popular haircut trends today. It can be seen on many red carpet celebrities around the world, such as Christina Hendrick, Amy Adams, Emma Stones and many more (including Alesha Dixon). It’s a nice, defined length cut. The ‘long bob cut’ gives the hair a thick hair line with a few layers only on the top to give some movement and body; the fringe is cut short to cover the forehead with a thin long layer over it. For the style, it can be done with a simple straight blow-dry for the weekdays, and for weekends and special events, why not go for a loose, wavy look? This will look glamorous and make you stand out wherever you go.’

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