Bay View 26 in Doha - tried and tested

Combine an aromatherapy massage with an anti-ageing facial at this Doha spa

Bay View 26 in Doha - tried and tested

The promise
The aromatherapy massage aims to relax and revitalise you while the facial works to repair and nourish the skin. Sound good to you?

Step by step
The aromatherapy massage is a 60-minute full body massage that uses essential aromatic oils to maintain and promote physical, psychological and spiritual well-being. As I went for a version that primarily promotes relaxation, the therapist chose to use the Green Tea Oil which is known to relax the muscles.

Once the therapist established my preferred pressure (hard), she started with long strokes on my back that felt like they were re-aligning my muscles which had either been under-used or over-exercised. She then moved from the back onto the arms, legs and feet, on both sides, by which point I actually dozed off. A great measure for how sublimely relaxed I felt.

After the massage was over, we started on the anti-ageing prescriptive facial, a 60-minute treatment that aims to repair and nourish the skin. It follows the same procedures as regular facials such as cleansing, toning, skin analysis, exfoliation, extraction, application of a facial mask and then moisturising. However, the main difference is with the products used during the treatment. In this case the facial fully utilises the anti-aging products of well-known spa brand Pevonia.

• The massage is highly relaxing (I even fell asleep)
• The facial noticeably brightened up my skin
• You’re able to use the rest of Bay View 26’s facilities once your treatment is over

• I was feeling rather lazy after that massage.

The verdict
As I actually fell asleep through the aromatherapy massage, I give it the top rating for relaxation. I was also feeling lazy after the treatment so I relaxed some more in the jacuzzi room until closing.

As for the facial, I am not a huge fan of this kind of treatment, particularly when it comes to extraction, but as I was feeling so relaxed after the massage any pain that came from this process barely registered. That being said, it was hardly painful in the first place. I would definitely not mind doing this facial again. Did I look younger, I hear you ask? According to my colleague, my skin certainly looked brighter the next day. As a woman in my early 30s without any signs of wrinkles, I can’t say it made me look younger but as a way to prevent ageing skin I would recommend it as a precautionary measure for people my age.
60 minutes per treatment. QR350 (massage) and QR450 (facial). Bay View 26, Movenpick Tower & Suites, West Bay (4496 6410).

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