W Doha Bliss Spa - tried & tested

Our male reviewer tries a spot of laser slimming

W Doha Bliss Spa - tried & tested

Our male reviewer tests the Zerona laser slimming treatment at W Doha’s Bliss Spa.

The promise
The treatment aims to break down fat particles 60 millimetres deep in the skin and to reduce fat, improve skin quality and also shock your metabolism.

Step by step
I was given a lot of information about the treatment, the process and also how it aims to work, but as I got half naked and laid under an octopus styled laser (reminiscent of a dentist light), I was petrified. My arms, hands and feet were sweating and I didn’t know what to expect and when. All I could think was ‘this is not what I expected when I first signed up’.

But, as soon as they switched the lasers on, I couldn’t feel a thing. I actually reached for my phone, took a couple of selfies and enjoyed the lasers as they did their work. I started on my front and then flipped to my back, and the treatment finished with a rough massage to break up the fats. Afterwards, my therapist suggested not to drink any caffeinated drinks and also to have a light gym session for maximum effect.

• This treatment works! After just one session I was told I lost around an inch in all.
• It’s such a simple and painless way to help you lose weight.

• The machine is somewhat intimidating at first. But hold your nerve and you won’t regret it.

The verdict
I would go again! They say you should go for at least six sessions (with one every two days) and you can have up to 14 in one period/booking. I was measured before and after the treatment and was told I lost one inch in various places so if that’s the case then sign me up!
6 sessions, QR5,500. Bliss Spa, W Doha Hotel & Residences, West Bay (4453 5555).

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