Foot reflexology in Doha

Try a relaxing foot rub at the Concorde Doha Hotel

Foot reflexology in Doha

The promise
To massage the zones or reflexes on my feet, which are said to connect to all other parts of my body, and make me relax

Step by step
I arrive at the Concorde Doha Hotel’s health club which at first glance looks like a male gym (it was packed that day with a country’s national sports team). I’m directed to an unassuming door just next to the gym which leads me to a lovely looking hot tub and a couple of steam/sauna rooms. At the end, I’m lead into the treatment room which looks clean, airy and relaxing – very similar to most treatment rooms you’d find in a regular spa.

I lay on the bed, fully clothed, and my therapist starts massaging my legs with oils and begins work on the feet.

Reflexology is a type of alternative medicine and can be used on your hands and feet, as well as other parts of the body. Practitioners believe that reflexes from all other parts of the body lead to the feet, for example, and that when you’re receiving the massage, any pain reflects a type of illness in the body. It is also believed that by having these massages you can help treat your symptoms and ailments, although this has yet to be scientifically proven.

It’s a relaxing treatment although in some parts it really begins to hurt. The fact that it was hurting also made me anxious, wondering what part of my body this would relate to. At the end of the massage I asked my therapist to explain the areas that hurt – the answers didn’t do anything to assuage my worries but at least she is knowledgeable about her treatments and trade!

I then popped my shoes back on and went on my way. Short but sweet, and an interesting experience to boot.

• If what reflexology promises is true, it’s interesting to find out which parts of your body would cause pain

• The therapist is friendly and knowledgeable – ask her anything

• It’s reasonably priced in comparison to most hotel spas

• It’s a fairly small spa that doesn’t offer too many services

• The treatment is less relaxing than say a full body massage so it’s more for sorting out ailments (although this is still officially an alternative medicine)

The verdict
The treatment is good but if you’re looking for something to relax you then this wouldn’t be the one you’d choose. The spa, however, may be basic but offers a number of good and reasonably priced treatments so it’s definitely worth checking out.
Concorde Doha Hotel, Al Matar Street. QR200 for 45 minutes. Call 4407 3333.

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