B/Attitude Spa - tried and tested

We give this West Bay spa a whirl and report back

B/Attitude Spa - tried and tested
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Determined to lose weight, be healthy and get fit this year we test out one of B/Attitude Spa’s new Silhouette makeover packages.

When I first walk into the chic B/Attitude Spa to kick start my makeover day with a personal training session, the team ask me what my fitness level is. I blush and begin mumbling excuses as to why it’s much, much lower than it should be. ‘I’m too busy.’ ‘I don’t have a gym membership,’ (which is a lie). ‘I’m actually very happy with no muscle tone.’ And so on and so forth. I’m not the only one in Qatar who makes those kinds of excuses either, so that’s why I think the new Silhouette makeover packages are tapping into something Doha desperately needs.

There are three packages available (outlined below) and all of them also include the option of buying the S-dress, a figure-hugging dress that is made from material using new technologies which really accentuates your curves and makes you appear slimmer.

I go for the quick fix option (again with the excuse of ‘I’m too busy!’) which runs on a tight schedule around the spa and is spread over six and half hours. The aim of it is to cater for women who are wanting to look and feel fabulous on a special night out, whether it is a wedding or an important dinner meeting. The programme is ultimately designed to leave you feeling lighter, tighter and full of confidence.

I put this to the test.

So my epic day of pruning and pampering starts with a one-hour personal training session. Marvin, my trainer, takes it easy on me knowing I ‘haven’t had chance’ to work out recently. From the treadmill to the weights, from the steps to some kick backs and a cool down on the bike, we target the whole body with a bit of circuit training. Although I was nervous before I arrived about testing my limits, it feels good to be back in the gym and I’m making all sorts of workout promises to myself.

After the session I’m feeling energetic but need a wash so a Moroccan hammam is exactly what I need. B/Attitude Spa has a dedicated ‘aqua suite’ with two steam rooms, a Jacuzzi, showers and two hammam rooms. I head inside and the therapist begins by covering me in black soap, which is derived from volcanic lava and is meant to loosen your dead skin. Then she leaves me to steam for a while before I’m completely scrubbed down. It’s very relaxing and my skin feels completely smooth after she’s done. It’s then off to the salon for my mani-pedi.

By this point my tummy is starting to rumble and I’m losing energy fast. A quick snack on dates or nuts would have been ideal but the point is to do a proper detox so I take full advantage of the tasty ginger tea I’m offered instead. Luckily I’m fairly distracted as the friendly nail girls cut back cuticles and coat my nails in purple. Unfortunately, once I go in for my next treatment, the LPG body and face session, I manage to ruin all their hard work while pulling on the skintight onesie you have to wear. Not ideal. Until the ladies can sort it out, however, I dive into my first experience of the LPG machines, which basically uses suction to dissipate the fat cells and remove cellulite. Bingo!

I can’t say it’s the most comfortable experience but it feels as though it’s doing something. The therapist, however, says it takes six to 12 sessions to see any results so I’m not expecting to notice much. I’m left wondering if, within the one-day package, it would be better to include some kind of slimming wrap rather than this treatment if it’s ineffective after just one go...

Once we’ve finished, I move back to the salon for the final stage of hair and make-up. The hair stylist for the spa is from Croatia and has trained at Toni & Guy in London and at salons in Milan – to name a few – so she’s used to European hair. She seems upset by my locks, unfortunately, saying that they lack volume (can’t deny it’s not true!) and have the wrong cut. Once she’s ‘doctored’ it, and the nail technician has redone my nails, my makeup is applied and I take a look in the mirror. I’m a bit taken aback – I’m not used to the type of cut and I have far more makeup on than usual.

What really tests the whole package at the end, however, is the S-dress. I go for the electric blue option, which does work well with the colours of makeup the stylist went for. The dress isn’t something I would usually wear but on this occasion it fits the bill.

By the end of it I certainly feel lighter, tighter and smoother with a newfound determination to not let that gym session go to waste.

It’s a motivational boost and a good idea for ladies wanting to look fab for one night. But if you’re looking for something that lasts more than a couple of days then the two-week and one-month options are a better choice.

As long as you’re not ‘too busy’ that is!
B/Attitude Spa is open daily 9am-10pm. Floor 2, Beverly Hills Tower, West Bay (4412 2046).

The Silhouette packages

Quick fix (one day)
Silhouette fitness class, Moroccan hammam (one hour), LPG face and body (one hour), manicure and pedicure (two hours), hair treatment (cut, colour, nourish and style), make-up application
Total – QR2,000 plus a ten percent discount on an S-dress

Firming programme (two weeks)
Six Silhouette fitness classes, six LPG body treatments, one Moroccan hammam, with all treatments spread over two weeks. Then on the final day there’s a LPG face and Dosha facial treatment, manicure and pedicure, hair treatment (cut, colour, nourish, style) and make up application
Total – QR4,000 plus a ten percent discount on an S-dress

Total body makeover (one month)
12 Silhouette fitness classes, 12 LPG body treatments, two Moroccan hammams and two LPG face treatments with one Dosha facial, with all sessions spread over four weeks. On the final day there’s a manicure and pedicure, hair treatment (cut, colour, nourish, style) and makeup application.
Total – QR6,100 plus a ten percent discount on an S-dress

Total body makeover with nutrition (one month)
The same as above but includes a Diet Delights nutrition programme with breakfast, lunch and dinner for 30 days.
Total – QR9,600 plus a ten percent discount on an S-dress

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