Four Seasons Spa & Wellness Centre review

We try out the new Moroccan-inspired hammam and report back

Four Seasons Spa & Wellness Centre review

The promise
To detoxify your body, nourish your skin and completely exfoliate, leaving feeling hydrated, clean and baby soft

Step by step
I’m taken into a small room with a built-in Jacuzzi, showers and steam room. It’s a Moroccan-inspired hammam because they don’t have the full facilities for a hammam but this will do just nicely. My feet are cleansed with warm lemon and mint infused water, which is good for detoxing, and then pumiced to remove any dead skin cells. Following this, I’m left immersed in the Jacuzzi for 15 minutes to warm up my body and open my pores.

Once that’s over, I’m taken into the steam room where my body is caked in Moroccan black soap, which is deeply cleansing and prepares you for some serious exfoliation. I’m left for around ten minutes in the steam room to continue massaging the soap into my body, allowing it to seep right in. After that, I head to the shower to wash off the soap and then lay on a bed while the therapist uses the Moroccan Kessa Glove to deeply exfoliate my entire body.

She’s already asked you at this point what kind of pressure you like so I go for medium, which is perfect. Once she’s done with that, she applies a Rhassoul body clay mask application which draws any impurities from the body and then wraps you up so it can really penetrate the skin. While you’re wrapped up, she massages argan oil into your scalp which promises to strengthen your hair follicles. Then, she cleanses your face using lavender, a calming compression, mist and rhassoul face mask.

Finally, you’re asked to wash off the mask and then head back to the table for the final touches. This includes an argan lotion application to moisturise your skin and face so that you leave feeling refreshed and glowing inside and out.

• It really works. I could feel myself being detoxified and my skin was seriously soft for the next few days at least

• It’s one of those treatments that makes you feel like you didn’t waste any time or money doing it, particularly as it takes over two hours and nourishes every part of your body

• If, like me, you’re not in the healthiest of states, you’ll feel quite nauseous throughout the treatment due to the detoxifying effects (this is technically a pro though!)

• If, again like me, you are slightly claustrophobic, then being cocooned with the Rhassoul body clay mask can be quite trying. Luckily, the therapist is more than willing to loosen the wrap if you feel uncomfortable

It may not be a full Moroccan hammam but you feel brand spanking new when you come out. Like I said, I actually felt nauseous thanks to the detoxifying effects so I knew it was working. Plus, the therapist is very knowledgeable about hammams and the products they use (due to extensive past experience with the treatment elsewhere) so ask her anything and don’t be afraid to tell her to scrub harder or lighter!
Four Seasons Spa & Wellness Centre, West Bay. QR1,395 for 120 minutes. Call 4494 8801.

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