Saray Spa - tried & tested

We try the contouring body wrap and report back

Saray Spa - tried & tested

The promise
To help slim and contour your figure while getting rid of pesky cellulite.

Step by step
Once I’m settled in the treatment room, the therapist sprays a mist which is meant to relax me. Then, a very light ointment is rubbed by my nostril. The therapist tells me this is to stop me from smelling the ingredients they use as they’re straight from the sea and might smell a tad ‘fishy’.

First off, my abdomen and thighs are exfoliated to open up the pores. She then massages me with a clay made of the seaweed extracts that are meant to target areas most prone to cellulite i.e. the thighs and abdomen.

After that, my body is wrapped in plastic and on top of that she puts a ‘thermal blanket’ for about 15 minutes. It’s quite an odd sensation as I start to tingle in the areas the therapist rubbed in the clay but during this time she also massages my face, scalp and arms so I feel more relaxed.

Finally, once I’m unwrapped and I’ve washed off all the mud, the therapist finishes off by massaging me with a range of creams by Phythomer – the Ultim’ Reflex Advanced Cellulite Smoothing Emulsion, the Buttocks
Thighs Sculptor and the Complete Reshaping Body Care Contouring and Cellulite Cream – which come highly recommended to continue using at home in between these contouring sessions.

It almost feels as though she is actually reshaping my body.

• I really felt as though my body had been contoured, especially during the last part with the creams. I even contemplated buying all of them!
• Over the next 24 hours I felt my thighs tightening up

• Luckily I didn’t smell any fish thanks to the ointment but you better wash yourself well otherwise you might get some funny looks!
• Being almost unable to move from the waist down while in the thermal blanket is a bit strange so claustrophobes may need to readjust the treatment – luckily they’re willing to help if you are feeling uncomfortable

Depending on your weight and the amount of cellulite you have, the treatment is at its best when done every one to two weeks for six to eight sessions. I would say it’s worth it especially just before going on that long-awaited beach holiday. I’ve only had one treatment and already I feel tighter so I’m definitely thinking of having more sessions to boost that effect.
Saray Spa, level 7 of the Renaissance Doha City Center, West Bay. QR450 for 55 minutes. Call 4419 6090.

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