Hydro and Spa Essence in Doha

We try the Hydro and Spa Essence at Angsana Spa

Hydro and Spa Essence in Doha

We try the Hydro and Spa Essence at Angsana Spa.

The promise
To soothe your senses with a journey of hydrotherapy through the refreshing and rejuvenating showers followed by the restorative touch of a therapist.

Step by step
It kicks off with a foot spa accompanied with a welcoming peppermint tea. This eases me in, for around five minutes, before I’m whisked off for a quick ‘tropical storm’ shower to prepare me for the sauna. I’m left in the sauna for around seven minutes before the therapist takes me to the ‘ice fountain’ for a quick cool down – something I am very glad to do by this point.

This just means rubbing down your body with ice cubes before taking a handful back with you to the sauna for another seven minutes.

Just as I’m about to melt, the therapist comes back and takes me to the ‘bucket drench’ room. Basically, you pull on a chain and a bucket of water drenches you (it’s much nicer than it sounds). Then we do the shower rounds, as the therapist guides me through ‘spring’, ‘thunderstorm’ and ‘cold mist’ which each take about a minute, followed by the ‘steam essence’ for ten minutes where I start to really relax. The last portion is the pre-heated ‘pelotherapy chamber’ where I’m left to slather myself in a homemade mud and then enjoy the rain mists as they descend in the twinkling lights.

After showering off the mud, my therapist leads me to the treatment room where I’m given the choice of what massage to go for.

I opt for the Fusion massage which is a combination of Thai and Swedish techniques that aims to soothe aching muscles and stretch your body to enhance flexibility.

She asks what kinds of pressure I’d like and I decide on medium (just in case!). She also promises to focus on any problem areas I have.

Overall, this massage is very comprehensive, leaving no part of you untouched from your fingers and toes to stomach and chest to hair follicles and ear lobes.

It’s also complemented with lovely touches such as a bowl of potpourri (the scent of which you’re asked to choose at the door) under the bed and a ringing of the gong once you’re done.

Once it’s all over, I’m given a choice of refreshments and told to relax for half an hour. This is when I taste their delicious pineapple juice...

• It’s two and a half hours overall so you really have time to relax
• My skin is silky soft after the mud and massage oils
• I am completely refreshed and feeling inspired thanks to the pine-scented potpourri I chose
• The yummy refreshments throughout!

• It’s two and a half hours overall so if you’re an impatient workaholic like myself this can sometimes be trying
• The showers can be a bit awkward for the body shy
• I’m far too relaxed to even think about writing this up...

Overall I would tell anyone to try this treatment. The hydrotherapy is a great summer heat escape but I would definitely recommend pairing it with a massage. On its own, however, the Fusion massage is also deeply relaxing and really works on those knotted up problem areas.
Hydro and Spa Essence at Angsana Spa (managed by Banyan Tree), Wyndham Grand Regency, Al Sadd. QR600 for 120-minute treatment plus 30-minute relaxation time. Call 4434 3152

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