Diamond massage in Doha

We try the Diamond Sublime at The Ritz-Carlton Spa

Diamond massage in Doha

We try the Diamond Sublime at The Ritz-Carlton Spa.

The Promise

To balance my chakras, sooth tension and engage vital energy, as well as leaving me sparkly and refreshed.

Step by Step

Let’s get one thing absolutely clear right off the bat: I am about to be rubbed with actual diamonds. Real diamonds people! Although the treatment gets off to a slightly rocky start when I arrive and find that the largest robe they offer is nowhere near able to fit me – I am not that big. So instead of entering the room relaxed and ready to unwind, I’m tense and feeling more than a little emotionally bruised after being giggled at by the various spa staff because I am clearly a hilarious giant (seriously, you’re around the corner – I can hear you).

But, no matter, it’s onwards to the diamonds. First, I’m rubbed down with a sandy mixture of diamond dust and magnetised iron. My therapist says this will be lightly exfoliating, but mostly it’s to get the sparkly goodness (again, real diamonds) on my skin. Next, comes the magnetic massage – which is basically when they take a squishy magnet and rub it all over my body. This picks up the iron, leaving the diamond dust behind. When I’m finished, I feel a bit gritty. Sparkly, but gritty. My therapist asks if I want to shower, or if I’m ready to proceed after a quick wipe down on the table. She tells me some people find the treatment too sandy to continue without a quick bath, but that more diamonds will stay on if I go for the wipe. The option is clear. After I’ve been towelled quickly, she applies a creamy moisturiser, which helps a lot with the slightly sandy feel of the diamond dust.

As the moisturiser sinks into my skin she moves on to my facial. This also involves diamonds, but this time they are placed on various energy points to help release tension and soothe my skin. That’s all well and good, until we get to the peel portion. Although my masseuse opted for the gentler version, as my skin is in fairly good condition, this still starts to burn and keeps right on burning through the serum afterwards, to the point I have to ask her to wipe it off. She says sometimes some people do find it irritating to their skin. Thankfully, the facial finishes with soothing moisturiser and cool diamonds pressed over my face – this is meant to soothe skin and promote a clear complexion, and it really does.

Afterwards, I’m nearly blinded when the lights are switched on: head to toe I have a shimmery glow. My therapist says this is particularly popular for weddings and I can see why – it’s shimmery and pretty, yet weirdly subtle.

Knowing that it’s real diamonds just makes it all the more special.

• I am seriously glittery
• The results last for a long time – I’m sparkling for days
• The diamonds are cool and delightful during the facial

• The results last for a long time – know how many showers it takes to get rid of diamond dust? Too darn many
• It has a slightly sandy texture that may be irritating

For a special event, like a wedding or fancy party, this could add a little jolt of glamour, and it is long lasting enough you don’t have to worry about it wearing off before the end.
I just wish they had bigger robes.
Diamond Sublime at The Ritz-Carlton Spa, Ritz-Carlton Doha. QR1,700 for 150 minutes. Call 4484 8000

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