Moroccan Hammam in Doha

We try a smoothing spa treatment at the B/ATTITUDE Spa

Moroccan Hammam in Doha

The Promise
Smoother skin and utter relaxation with a traditional hammam treatment to refresh skin, followed by a facial massage to relax and smooth skin.

Step by step
The spa is all gleaming with newness as we head to the private spa suite for our treatment. This one is set up for small groups, so I’ve brought a buddy along on this journey. The private spa suite is large, with several steam rooms, shower cubbies and treatment rooms branching off from the main space, featuring a Jacuzzi.

First up is the special black soap. A hammam is a traditional bathing ritual to refresh the skin, with regional variations all over the Middle East. This one starts with a gentle soap that’s smeared all over our skin, before we’re escorted to the hot steam room. When we enter, it’s so steamy we can barely see in front of our faces, and after a slight Three-Stooges wander to the seating area, we settle in. It’s steamy and warm without being overwhelming, and I can feel myself relaxing as the toxins sweat out of my pores. The only small hitch is when I accidentally rub sweat from my face and get some of the soap in my eye: but the therapist is quick on the draw when I stumble out the door in search of towels.

Once we’re steamed like spaghetti, it’s time to get down to business! We’re slippery with soap and the sweat from the steam room, and slide our way into two separate treatment spaces for the scrub part of the hammam. My friend gets the room with the heated bed, which at first I’m jealous about. But within moments I’ve stopped being envious: the bed is so hot she has to ask the therapist for additional towels to try to keep herself from bursting into spa-flames. Once we’re both settled, it’s time for the scrub! This is accomplished with a special mitt and vigorous rubbing by our therapist.

And here’s where things get really good: not only does my therapist work around my modesty-necessary swimsuit (she manages to give me the full experience of the treatment, without making me flounce about in embarrassment, so that’s good), she doesn’t make me feel like I’m a potato and she’s peeling me. She asks repeatedly if the pressure is all right, and manages to scrub my skin soft without making me squirm in pain.

Afterwards, it’s time for a quick jump in the Jacuzzi, which is a tiny bit disappointing: it only heats up to luke warm, so while it’s intimately enjoyable after the warm scrub rooms, after a while I’m getting chilly. But I don’t have long to loll in the water like a somnolent hippo (much as I want to): it’s over to the facial massage. We’re escorted to two loungers, draped in towels, and then my legs and arms are massaged with a delicious, cupcake scented lotion. After that, my face is massaged gently, working a thick moisturizer into my skin. At the end, I feel smooth and smell fantastic!

• Afterwards my skin is perfectly smooth and soft: I feel all Silence of the Lambs, my skin nice enough to make a dress out of it.

• The lotions and potions used are gentle, and smell fantastic: they’re not cloying or synthetic, and don’t irritate my sensitive skin

• The therapists are knowledgeable and friendly, even when things don’t go exactly according to plan. They keep us relaxed and having fun!

• There are still some kinks to work out in this new spa: the Jacuzzi needs to be hotter, the beds need to be cooler

It’s mild and gentle yet effective, and I can see spending time loitering in the private room with my friends, as my skin gets ever softer.
Moroccan Hammam Group Package at B/ATTITUDE Spa, Beverly Hills Tower, QR2000 for 90 minutes for four people. Call 4412 2046.

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