Pearl Facial at Remède Spa

We try the Pearl Facial at Remède Spa, St. Regis Doha

Pearl Facial at Remède Spa

The Promise
The cooling pearl facial promises to revive and brighten skin, smoothing out signs of aging and discoloration while the anti-inflammatory qualities of pearl cools and soothes irritation and an acupressure facial and paraffin treatment for the hands and feet leaves your revived.

Step by step
My stress is like a toddler kicking my shins while I wait to start my treatment. When I turn up, there’s a bit of confusion as to what I’m actually booked in to try: after a bit of huffing and puffing, I’m finally escorted into the treatment room, ready for the relaxation to begin. The spa itself is gorgeous, all cool whites with pops of shimmer. Once I’m comfortably established, we get down to business: Remède prides itself on the customized, bespoke experience so step one is the consultation with the therapist who’ll be doing my facial.

After looking at my skin under very bright lights, we get started with a light cleansing. After my skin is clean, my therapist and I discuss the extraction. She has a couple different ways to go about this, and we decide on one of the gentler methods: my skin is sensitive and not that damaged. No need to bust out the big guns. The extraction is relatively painless, and anyway she makes me feel better for any slight discomfort with a facial massage, complete with gorgeous smelling creams.

After that, it’s finally time for the pearls. The entire treatment is powered by pearl extracts, white lotus stem cells and oxygen to, as the brochure explained; infuse the skin with amino-acids, peptides and essential minerals and vitamins. Basically, the pearl mask is a combination of crushed pearls and wizardry. I’m a little skeptical until she starts brushing it on my face: it’s incredibly cool and soothing, making my skin, which by this point in most facials is usually angry with me, very very happy. It actually lives up to the hype, and my skin feels calmer as soon as she finishes brushing it on. There is a little bit of tingling, but nothing major. While that’s setting, my therapist proceeds to wrap my hands and feet in paraffin, and pays attention to my squeamish pleas for cooler wax.

Finally, the wax is chipped off, the pearls wiped away, and an oxygen diffusion puts the finishing touch on my face. When she hands me the mirror, I do feel smoother and more refreshed. My skin is more even, with none of the usual redness or irritation I often have immediately after a facial. And, wonder of wonders, do my pores actually look smaller?

• The treatment is fairly simple, and my skin isn’t overwhelmed with too many layers or scents
• The pearl extract lives up to the hype: they’re cooling, soothing and my skin looks more even afterwards. Also, rubbing my face with crushed pearls makes me feel like Cleopatra.

• There is some light tingling when the pearl mask is applied

The results last for several days, with my skin feeling more refined and with a more even tone. Immediately afterwards it feels tighter and brighter, and I’m able to go about the rest of my day without feeling like my face has been ravaged—it’s gentle with immediate, visible results. Also, dare I dream, are my pores smaller?
Cooling Pearl Facial, QR1,700 for 90 minutes, Remède Spa, St. Regis Doha (4446 0000)

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