Bliss Spa in Doha

Skinny Day package tested by Time Out

Bliss Spa in Doha

The Promise
A sleeker, slimmer me, with lunch included! The package includes their fatgirlslim treatment, a combination of dry brushing, a firming grapefruit essential oil, a seaweed task mask, a heated wrap and a rubdown with their waist-whittling Love Handler, their fatgirlscrub, a mixture of Himalayan pink salt and seaweed extract to beat lumps and dimples, and their quadruple thighpass, an anti-cellulite treatment involving vacuums and lunch.

Step by Step
I’m ushered into the treatment room by a friendly therapist, and after she notices I’ve indicated on my intake forms that I’m allergic to shellfish, she advises that we skip the fatgirlslim: apparently, some past clients have found the intense seaweed mask aggravates shellfish allergies. I actually really appreciate that; she clearly pays attention, knows her products more than the description on the label, and cares about her clients.
Instead, we get right down the quadruple thighpass. First, she rubs me with essential oils to stimulate circulation, and then: the vacuum. First up is my front, with one kind of vacuum end and pressure. She sucks large portions on my shoulders and stomach, she says to stimulate the lymph nodes. Next, I roll over and it’s a different kind of suction, this one targeted to break up cellulite. At first it just feels odd: a bit like when you stick the end of the hoover on your arm to make a rude sucking noise as a kid. Certain areas though, like the insides of my thighs, hurt! But my therapist is paying attention, and, despite my brave assertions that it’s all ok, notices my painful squirming and turns the machine down slightly—it’s still doing the trick, but I’m not about to cry. Some spots feel downright good, and regardless I feel like something is in fact breaking up.

After I’ve been vacuumed, it’s on to the scrub. This one is actually one of the most pleasant scrubs I’ve ever had. I feel like my dead skin has gone but I still have a layer of dermis left. Success!

After my Vichy shower, it’s time for the final step: an application of their Love Handler cream on my stomach, to help whittle away my waist, and their Fatgirlslim cream over the rest of me. She asks if I want to include my arms as well, and I say why not: if you’re covering yourself in slimming cream, I say dunk me head to toe! The cream tingles and smells minty and refreshing, and I almost instantly feel like I’m a little tighter, like my clothes fit just that tiny bit better. And, best of all, the cream isn’t greasy: I can get dressed right away and head downstairs to the W Café for lunch without feeling like I should be in the back, being used to grease pans. Lunch is a juice, salad and a cupcake and rounds the whole thing off nicely.

• It’s one of the least painful cellulite treatments I’ve had—the vacuum seems to do its job without making me scream
• The therapist is knowledgably and adjusts things for my comfort—from the room temperature and the pressure of the scrub to the actual treatment. She knows things that aren’t on the label or the menu, and I appreciate that!

• Your posterior. It’s vaccumed.
• My therapist tells me most clients require several sessions to see lasting results, so the instant gratification is delayed a bit.

Although I was only in for one session, I did leave feeling refreshed and tighter. The cream was good, and I’m tempted to buy a jar to take home with me. I can see this being a great option the day before a big event when you want to look extra special. It’s like the spanx of the spa world!
Bliss Skinny Day package, available starting in January at Bliss Spa, W Doha Hotel & Residence, QR1,500 for 3 hours. Call 4453 5555

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