HD Brows in Doha

How to get high definition eyebrows

HD Brows in Doha
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“I do not want to look like Frida Kahlo. I do not want to look like Frida Kahlo.”

That’s the mantra running through my brain as I apply the patch test in my bathroom at home, 24 hours before I’m due at Glow to have my eyebrows HD’d.

My brows have spent most of their lives basically ignored— I don’t pluck, and I wax them usually only the week before a big event. But not anymore. Qatar is big on brows, and one of the newest trends for 2013 is a strong eyebrow. Enter, the HD Brow treatment at Glow.

‘Brows are an often neglected and underestimated area of beauty. The treatment is a unique seven step process that is not just about shaping brows, and grooming brows: the emphasis is on brow design and brow artistry,’ says Hillary Kozma, owner of Glow American Salon.

Indeed, for this treatment, you even need to conduct a patch test at home prior to your appointment: one of the seven steps is brow tinting.

‘The patch test is offered for our clients to ensure they do not have an allergic reaction.

Allergic reactions are rare, but to avoid such reactions, we offer a small take-away patch test for free, which has results after 24 hours,’ says Kozma.

As I enter Glow, I say a silent prayer for sleek eyebrows that in no way resemble a caterpillar and hop on the table.

My therapist Victoria explains that the look is meant to be bold and full, but not scary.

First, she studies my face and brows to determine the correct shape and shade my new eyebrows will be whipped into.

She tells me not to worry; most clients, she says, can be a little shocked at first after the eyebrows are tinted, especially if they’re used to lighter, wispier brows, in the same way it feels odd when you first cut your hair short. That’s why for newbies like myself, she goes slowly.My brows won’t be darkened that much, so the results won’t be as harsh as I fear.

‘Our HD specialist works with you to create your ideal brow shape; you do have a say,’ says Kozma.

After the colour is applied, it’s time for the shaping!

For this, Victoria takes out a ruler and measures my face. They’re not kidding around: this is precision waxing. She tells me that’s what sets HD Brows apart from your usual waxing treatment, where the shape is usually just eyeballed.

Once my brows have been waxed, she threads them for added perfection.

But, what if you’ve over plucked and don’t have that much brow to work with?

‘HD Brows is ideal for anyone- even for those who have over plucked. In fact, it’s ideal for those who have over plucked,’ says Kozma.

‘We teach you how to maintain your perfect results at home as well.’ One of the optional elements is their Grow Baby, Grow serum, to help sparse brows grow back.

Afterwards, a light dusting of mineral make-up to add the final touch of definition, and I’m ready. Looking in the mirror there’s a certain Joan Crawford appeal about them: they’re arched more sharply than before and they’re darker than I’m used to seeing. But I haven’t been transformed into a cartoon character: think more Brook Shields, less Spock. There’s a very retro Old-Hollywood-Glam appeal to them that I like: this is the eyebrow version of a bold red lipstick.

My friends start giving me odd compliments, that something is different but they can’t put their finger on it (let’s be honest: it’s weird and yet delightful to have someone compliment you on your eyebrows).
It does take a couple of days getting used to seeing them staring at me in the mirror, but within a few days I’m deeply in love with them.

Maybe next time I can be convinced to go even darker! Frida, eat your heart out.
The first HD Brows treatment is QR250, and takes one hour. Each 30 minute maintenance appointment is QR125. Available at the Salwa Branch (4468 9945). glowamericansalon.com

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