Fruit Enzyme Facial in Doha

We try new facial at Saray Spa, the Renaissance Doha City Centre

Fruit Enzyme Facial in Doha
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The Promise
To remove dead skin cells and reveal healthier, younger skin using all natural products.

Step by Step
After a lot of debating and studying the extensive treatment menu I finally landed on the fruit enzyme facial through a helpful recommendation by my therapist. Working in a stressful environment seems to reflect solely on my face. Combining this with sensitive skin, constant air conditioning, changing weather and the awful habit of not drinking enough water, does not a pretty face make.

After a thorough tour of the facilities and the calming relaxation room that I am promised I can return to after my facial, I am shepherded into the treatment room. The treatment room is luxurious, cosy and beautifully lit. After settling into the bed which has a heating blanket (heaven), I am briefed and educated on the upcoming treatment.

The therapist informs me that the selected fruit enzyme facial uses all June Jacobs products renowned for her natural spa products. Each product is paraben and preservative free and full of natural fruit enzymes. This allows the antioxidiants in the fruit and natural collagen to gently dissolve dead surface impurities and remove dead skin.

After a thorough brief, the spa therapist begins a gentle cleansing treatment using a cranberry product to remove remnants of make-up and surface impurities. Following this, with all pores open, the therapist continues to lather my face with fruity goodness with a papaya fruit enzyme masque. A word of warning, the smells are so delicious, that when the spa therapist leaves the room to allow the mask to set there is a strong temptation to lick your own face. Don’t. Although it smells divine, it does not taste so. Finally, finishing up with a mandarin moisturizer leaving my skin supple and soft. The whole process is relaxing and very gentle with no squeezing or torturing of my vulnerable face.

Thoroughly relaxed, I have to be coaxed from the heated bed with promises of apple slices and tea in the relaxation room where I cosy up for a good few minutes of stolen bliss during a work week with a face smelling of delicious fruit cocktail.

• Gentle treatment with no dreaded major breakouts afterwards
• The smells
• Paraben and preservative free products
• The bed

• Quite expensive for small yet effective result

This is a perfect and recommended facial treatment solution for anyone with sensitive skin. Plus, using all natural products full of antioxidants and natural collagen is a win in my book.
Fruit Enzyme Facial at Saray Spa, the Renaissance Doha City Centre, QR500 for 55 minutes. Call 4410 5000.

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