Arabic coffee awakener envelopment

We try treatment at Saray Spa, the Renaissance Doha City Centre

Arabic coffee awakener envelopment

The Promise
Fresh and revived skin using combinations of local Arabic coffee seeds and Jordanian Dead Sea products. It promises to exfoliate with an energy boost afterwards.

Step by Step
I am extremely excited about the upcoming treatment as I am always one to fall asleep whilst being pampered which makes you wonder what the point is after spending your hard earned money. However, the Arabic coffee awakener envelopment promises to not only exfoliate and revive your skin but also provide a slight caffeine boost afterwards. On entering the spa, I’m impressed by the calming design, smells and that a spa in a city hotel could be so luxurious. I’m greeted by extremely helpful therapists and shown to the locker area to prepare for my 55 minute body treatment.

After being escorted into the treatment room and given the obligatory foot scrub I’m shown to my treatment bed. As I slide into the bed my initial reaction is ‘heaven’. The bed is not only incredibly comfortable, making you feel like you are lying on an actual feather mattress, but a heated pad is placed on the top making it the cosiest place on earth.

After snuggling in my bed, Mayette, my therapist rubs a combination of Arabic coffee with dead sea salt taken from the Jordanian Dead Sea to exfoliate my entire body. She is very gentle around more sensitive areas such as elbows, knees, scars etc and extremely thorough. The smell of the coffee is pungent and delicious but could be quite overwhelming if you are not an avid coffee lover. I’m then shown into the bathroom to the side of the treatment room to wash off the first layer. After a slight incident with steam and the fire alarm I was shown back to my bed for the second part of the treatment.

The second stage includes application of a combination of Arabic coffee and mud again from the Dead Sea in Jordan. My therapist explains that all products taken from the Dead Sea have somewhat healing qualities due to the high salt content. After an application of the coffee smelling mud Mayette cocoons me in the heating blanket and leaves the mud to work its magic with me swaddled like a big baby for what could have been 10-15 minutes however, after my own snoring woke me a few times I cannot be sure.

A second round in the shower washing off the mud and my skin was left feeling silky and smooth. Although I managed to catch a few zzzs within the treatment room I was thoroughly energized and tingly after my shower.

• The bed, the bed, the bed, the bed.
• Dead Sea products do work wonders on the skin leaving a nice exfoliated glow with the scent of lingering coffee

• All I can think about is that bed?
• You have to love the smell of coffee

At QAR550 the treatment is extremely well priced. It is mild and effective and I would recommend it as a prelude before a night out.
Arabic Coffee Awakener Envelopment at Saray Spa, the Renaissance Doha City Centre, QR550 for 55 minutes. Call4419 5000.

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