eforea spa in Doha

We try a signature treatment at one of Doha's newest spas

eforea spa in Doha

The Promise
Instant results, correcting everything from oily congestion and sun damage to fine lines and uneven skin tone on the face, neck and décolletage.

Step by Step
This new spa, located on the bottom floor of the Hilton Doha, is bright and airy, and smells fantastic even before you open the doors. I’m introduced to my therapist who starts in with a complimentary hand massage while she assesses my skin. After clucking over my gnawed on cuticles, she tells me we can skip the machinery often used in this facial, as my skin doesn’t need tightening. Instead, she’ll be relying on the different masks, serums and massages to get the job done. Even though this is a correcting facial, she tells me there will be no squeezing and pinching for extractions. Fair enough.

First, my face is cleansed with something that smells lovely and leaves me feeling cool and a little tingly. She rubs it gently into my face, with a medium pressure that’s deeply relaxing. If you’ve never had your face massaged I’d highly recommend it: it’s sort of awesome. Next up is a multi-acid exfoliation for my face and neck. My therapist tells me there are two options available for this portions, a gentler version and a more intense formula. For my skin, she opts for the gentler choice and I’m glad—it’s slightly warm and a little tingly but not ridiculously so. After each step she asks me how my skin feels, and seems genuinely concerned I’m not feeling uncomfortable; maybe it’s because I told her in my initial assessment that facials often make my skin worse, irritating my sensitive face.

After the peel it’s time for the masque. This isn’t just any ordinary mud pack: this is a peel-away masque and is not for the claustrophobic. A thick layer of the cream is painted over my face, including my eyes and mouth. Then, it’s left to harden: and harden it does, becoming one solid block where I couldn’t open my eyes if I wanted to. While this is going on, my therapist heads down to the bottom of the bed for a quick foot and leg massage that has me awkwardly giggling behind my masque-shut mouth when she tickles my toes. When she peels it off there’s a slightly foul taste in my mouth, and it peels off like a second skin, but my face feels smooth and tighter. Finally, a light misting of cooling serums on my face and eyes finishes off the treatment. The face portion is good, the eye bit I have to ask to have removed as it’s making my eyes burn. While that’s setting, she gets to work on a scalp massage which has my toes curling in delight.

•My face feels clean and refreshed without extractions
•It’s personalized: after speaking to me and looking at my skin, my therapist adjusted the treatment to do the most good for my specific face.
•It’s not just for the face: they focus on the neck and décolletage as well.
•Scalp, face, hand and foot massage as well as facial? Awesome.

•It does take a while: the entire treatment is 90 minutes.
•The peel away masque is not for the claustrophobic.

Overall this is a good treatment. My face felt smoother for several days afterwards, and I needed less moisturizer the next time I washed my face. I felt clean and refreshed without feeling oily or greasy or weighed down with loads of scented products. Even the masque, which was a bit strange, was strange in an interesting, nice way.
QR750 for 90 minutes. eforea spa, Hilton Doha (4423 3333)

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