Aura cleaning in Doha

We see what hovers around us at Six Senses Spa

Aura cleaning in Doha
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Shivani is a New Age practitioner with an iPad. She deals in auras and chakras, but there aren’t any crystals or incense on hand when she visits Six Senses Spa as part of its monthly visiting practitioner series. Instead, she comes armed with a laptop and bio-feedback machine.

She sits me down and tells me about my aura: ‘Aura is the energy around us. It’s like if you rub your palms together vigorously, and you feel this ball, hot and cold, this is your aura – you just ruffled it. We all have energy around us, and this energy carries a lot of information about you; it’s like your personal signature.’

I am surprised to hear I have such a signature, and then I find out it has colours. ‘The seven colours of the spectrum reflect in your aura, and these colour combinations mean different things for different people,’ says Shivani. ‘Aura carries a lot of information about your past, present and likely future because, if you carry on along the same path you’re on, you’re likely to get the same results.’

Shivani runs the Alignment Institute in Abu Dhabi, which specialises in aura readings and cleansings, and is opening another branch in Dubai. Tales of auras have popped up in many cultures for thousands of years: Indian mystics are meant to be able to see them with their ‘third eye’, while many scholars believe that allusions to light in Christian and Islamic traditions refer to auras. In fact, many religious paintings and works of art feature spectrums of colour and light, meant to be halos, but which resemble auras.

So how is one able to read auras? Shivani has a theory. ‘I started seeing auras when I was three,’ she says. ‘And I thought something was wrong with my eyes. My mother took me to a lot of doctors, and eventually my dad figured out what it was. I’ve been reading auras ever since.’

Shivani trained initially in the business world before giving it up for the holistic. She says that to be really effective, she has to join the spiritual and material worlds; no abandoning all possessions for a life of austere meditation for her. It’s what makes her so popular with cynics and business people alike – and what keeps her diary packed with captains of industry, many whom see her on their lunch breaks. ‘In all honesty, 90 per cent of them are skeptical. But once they have a session with me they never go to anyone else!’ Shivani says.

She uses a bio-feedback machine, hooked to a computer, which provides people with an electronic photo of their aura, as well as her own eyes, to convince cynics. ‘I build a personal relationship with everybody,’ says Shivani. ‘I do get a lot of corporate clients these days, a lot of men from banking, finance, law, these kinds of fields. They’re very logical people, so they sometimes get very thrown – like, “how can you say that; what are you saying?” – but they eventually come around because they realise the benefit. So many of my clients have gone on to practise meditation every day, and it’s made such a difference in their lives.’

Shivani says that regularly checking in with your aura’s health and wellbeing can have a drastic effect on stress and health: ‘Aura is like a sponge – the more stress, grief, sadness and emotions you pump in, the more it will soak up. And over time, if you don’t clean it, it will be so heavy that you’ll start falling sick, you’ll feel sleepy during the day, body pain will increase, those kinds of symptoms. This says you have too much energy around you that you need to clean.’

Shivani Adalija plans to visit Doha again from March 6-8, with treatments starting at QR900. Call Six Senses Spa at Sharq Village (4454 5849) to book a session, or check out for more info.

What colour is my aura?

I’m skeptical, I’ll admit. When I sit down, Shivani immediately tells me that my aura is yellow-orange. She has me lay my hand on a touch pad and smile into a digital camera; on her laptop screen a picture of me surrounded by a wreath of colour pops up. That, apparently, is my aura. Blue on the sides, with a bright yellow-orange centre, it tells her I’m logical, analytical, and live mostly in my head.

Then we move on to chakras: the picture switches to a full-body shot and she goes over each brightly coloured dot as it appears in a different part of my body. Strangely, she begins to know things about me, based purely on these sparks of colour – for example, that I’m very close to my family and that I had a throat problem recently (I had bronchitis for most of the autumn). The colour, size and shape of each of my chakras tell her what I need to work on, which she does through a combo of meditation and hypnosis. She tells me that during the session she saw my aura change and expand, as anything bad was released.

I’m not sure if my aura exists, but I do know I felt calmer and more relaxed. To continue at home, she recommends that I swim in the sea or soak in a bath with regular table salt – salt water is like steel wool for auras, apparently, leaving them shiny and new.

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