A new rooftop bar with incredible views

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As soon as we enter this new rooftop venue on the 20th floor of Alwadi Doha Hotel, we’re awestruck with the views. There aren’t a lot of bars in Msheireb that can compete with this.

It’s a minimally designed space, there’s a criss-cross pattern on the ceiling with lights and seating that’s mostly suited to large groups of people. There are a few high tables (with no chairs) and pairs of couches in front of the tables. We find them too low and uncomfortable, so we opt for the larger seating area.

The beverage menu is massive  and besides all the regulars and the classics, there’s an incredible selection of signature beverages from all around the world.

From Canada to Hong Kong and Chile to China, there’s a special drink that infuses the flavours from each of these countries to create a truly exquisite selection that you won’t find anywhere else in Doha. There are more than 20 countries listed on this menu. The drinks are on the pricier side, but this is a mixology bar and it’s to be expected.

The happy hours are from 6pm to 9pm on selected beverages every day. Ladies get three free drinks on Tuesdays between 5pm and 9pm, too.

Unfortunately, there are no bar bites or snacks of any kind available here barring a small variety of nuts. We’re hungry, so are thankful for these.

There’s a DJ who is keeping things as lively as possible, but it’s a really challenge considering the venue is absolutely empty. It’s still new, and has something different to offer, so we’re positive things will change soon.

A new rooftop bar with incredible views

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