Vintage Lounge

An exclusive bar with lots of drinks

Vintage Lounge
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It’s a quiet evening and you can feel the air of sophistication at this luxurious bar the moment you step in. There are different shades of scarlet and if that sounds like it’s too much, the variety of textures ease what could have easily become an agonisingly red space. Standing in front of the suede couches and soft red and white curtains is a black grand piano, with a not-so-friendly porcelain tiger statue sitting right next to it. It looks like it’s telling us not to get too close to the piano, but we do it anyway, because the pianist Gabriel is simply brilliant.

Happy hours are on from 6pm to 8pm every day (except Fridays). There are a few selected beverages at QR39. The à la carte is expensive, but it has lots of options. From creative mixed beverages to classics and everything in between, you’ll be spoiled for choice.

The food menu is very basic – a few dishes and none of them are cheap. We try the king crab which comes in a small salad bowl. There’s a decent quantity of the crab but the bowl is so tiny that it becomes challenging to eat this dish. The steak sliders are a little above average. We were hoping for softer bread and juicier patties.

Vintage is a great place for quiet after-work drinks. Unless you go on Tuesday evenings when a fantastic live jazz band performs and the entire space is absolutely packed. On other days, it’s the pianist and a singer, who will take requests from you and sings in different languages.

It’s low-key, yet sophisticated and luxurious, yet laidback. The service is great, especially as there aren’t too many people on a week night. We’ll be back.

An exclusive bar with lots of drinks

For the beverage selection and brilliant live music


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