El Cedro

An intimate and exclusive tasting room

El Cedro
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As we enter the dimly lit bar, we applaud El Cedro for its efforts to create a full sensory impact. There are attractive Arabesque patterns and designs covering both the floor and ceiling along with some old-fashioned office paraphernalia in glass display cases such as the ancient- looking typewriter. The pleasant musky aroma and the music ensures the venue remains relaxing. Old-school Motown and jazz songs are playing softly.

We get cosy in a chesterfield sofa, which is a light coffee colour to match the rest of the lounge. It’s a bit too dark to go through the menu with ease, but we manage to order some impressive-sounding mixed beverages. All are served under a glass cloche with some dry ice, so we also get to witness some smokey gimmicks.

We start with the guacamole. It has a deliciously tart edge with the addition of some Mexican green tomatoes. This is served alongside the seemingly odd but winning combination of sautéed sweetcorn and feta cheese. The tuna tartare is tasty and fresh but our favourite is the jumbo shrimp cocktail, served alongside an excellent salsa with some real heat to it.

The outdoor terrace with couches and heaters is stunning. There are relatively few patrons, but we wait quite a while to be served each time. The waitresses are friendly enough, but we don’t feel particularly well cared for, and they’re not as attentive as we’d expect in such an exclusive lounge.

We wish the staff were efficient enough to justify the hefty prices attached to the lounge. However, the bar bites, drinks and the peace and quiet are enough to bring us back to this upscale spot.

An intimate and exclusive tasting room

To enjoy delectable dishes and tasty drinks in a refined setting


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