Sky View

A fun spot in a brilliant location

Sky View
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Sky View is one of those old but gold spots. It’s one of Doha’s most popular nightlife venues (come here on a weekend if you don’t believe us) and rightly so.

Even if you’ve lived in Doha for a long time you’ll still feel like a tourist or a newbie when you see the vista in front of you. Up on the 11th floor, the panoramic views are beyond impressive – we can see Doha’s ever-expanding skyline in the horizon, all lit up in neon colours, and Fanar far to the right side. We frankly can’t think of a better backdrop for a sundowner or five.

The interiors are just as extraordinary. There are long, slim wooden beams in an never-ending pattern running across the entire length of the ceiling and walls. It’s reminiscent of Doha’s desert dunes and it’s strikingly spectacular. The heaviness of the wood is broken off and balanced by tall, floor-to-ceiling glass windows separated by metal beams, adding an extra layer of sophistication. There’s a stage up front and a beautifully lit bar right in the centre of the space. The low-slung chairs are comfortable and if you’re not much of a dancer, you’ll really appreciate the amount of time you can spend in them.

Sky View is exactly the kind of place you’d expect to see the city’s best-dressed ladies and gentlemen, but the good news is there’s also a happy hour menu that makes coming here all that more affordable.

A good mixed beverage will set you back by QR35 and there’s something from every section of the menu included in it. 
When it comes to food available during happy hour, it’s mainly bar bites. We order some vegetable tempura, which comes in a generous portion. Other bar bite classics such as nachos are also available.

The music is diverse here, and we mean that in a good way. The transition from genre to genre is unnoticeably smooth, so much so that moving to a Bob Dylan number from a Diplo remix seems seamless. It all adds to the all-round excellence.

The service is excellent, too, some of the best we’ve seen around town. Every member of staff is friendly and warm and orders are taken promptly.

Sky View is exactly what you’d expect from one of the city’s longest standing rooftop bars – there are good drinks, tasty bites, pleasing happy hour prices, great music, and of course, fantastic views of Doha. We can see why it’s lasted so long.

A fun spot in a brilliant location

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