A popular nightlife venue with differently decorated spaces

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Ever since Wahm’s facelift, we’ve always wondered if we’d ever be able to forget how stunning the old venue was. But a few years later, we can safely say we’ve completely forgotten what it used to look like.

Wahm is a successful marriage between slick-chic and sophisticated-contemporary. The interiors feature jewel tones in greens, maroons and mustard yellows with gold lining on the walls and gold beams across the tables. If you want a completely different visual, step outside. It’s casual, cosy and every decorative element makes us wish we could buy it off the venue and install it in our homes.

Wahm is almost always crowded and with ladies’ night twice a week (on Mondays and Wednesdays), that’s expected.

There are plenty of servers moving around constantly holding large trays filled with glasses and we’re slightly paranoid about startling them, especially when they’re right next to us, but thankfully they are attentive and inform us they’ll be with us shortly.

The drinks menu has everything you’d expect from a good bar and since you already know you’re coming to a good bar, be prepared to shell out at least QR75 for a mixed beverage. There’s an exciting selection of drinks, though. We find all the regulars and plenty of premium choices, too. There’s a section featuring some fantastic handcrafted drinks.

The music is slightly loud, but you can still have a conversation if you scream a little.

There’s a third section by the poolside which is outdoors. The big, fun parties happen here and if you want to experience one of them, book yourself for the exciting Candy Pants Pool Brunch Party on October 11.

A popular nightlife venue with differently decorated spaces

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