Al Jalsa Garden Lounge

A licensed Middle Eastern garden-themed eatery

Al Jalsa Garden Lounge

Al Jalsa Garden Lounge isn’t your typical bar but it is licensed, so we decide to head over and explore the spot.

The first thing we notice as soon as we enter is all the bright neon lights in a lush, garden-inspired set up. The ambience is eclectic more than anything else. There are red and white drapes across the ceiling and the lights keep changing.

The bar serves shisha, too, so expect it to be a bit smoky. There’s a large variety of it, and some of the options even cost up to QR855.

You can opt for the cushiony lounge seating or the less cosier wicker seats. The Arabic music in the background is peppy but not really loud enough to kill your conversations.

The food and beverage menu is very reasonably priced. There are all the classic mixed beverages and a few shorts, among other premium drinks. The house drinks are also reasonably priced at approximately QR50. There’s a selection of hops from all around the world and you can find an impressive variety of grape and bubbles.

The food menu features all the Mediterranean mezzes and you can even make your own saj. We try a kofta wrap which is juicy and perfectly spiced.

The service is on point and if you ever feel like a slightly kitschy Middle Eastern backdrop for your conversations and drinks, this is the spot for you.

A licensed Middle Eastern garden-themed eatery

For the reasonably priced bar menu and tasty food


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